RE:- The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulation 2014 S1 2014 no 2095 and Numbers of Petitions under Family Law Act 1986 Declaration of Marital Status.

Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee made this Freedom of Information request to Attorney General's Office

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Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

Dear Attorney General’s Office,

I, Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee do hereby request that:-

1) You should confirm the numbers of Petitions received for Declaration of Marital Status under Part 3 of the Family Law Act 1986, and The Attorney General Intervention and refusal to intervene.

2) When the Statutory Instrument No 2014 No 2095 was laid before the House of Lords/House of Commons and came into force, Did the Attorney General revoke this Statutory Instrument.

3) There are decisions made in the House of Lords about the Human Rights Act 1998 Section 7 and 22 (4)- When the Counsel has misled their Lordships by leaving out Section 11 (a) (b) of the Human Rights Act 1998 and The European Communities Act 1972. Is this not contempt of Court and Benefit from the Proceeds of Unlawful Conduct.

4) Schedule 7 of the Senior Court Act 1981 The Whole Act 1925 The Supreme Court of Jurisdiction and Consolidation Act 1925 was repealed. When the Barristers does rely on the Repealed Parliament Act, is it not contempt of Court.

5) On an Application by the Attorney General for an Order under Section 42 (1) of the Senior Courts Act 1981, Does this mean that the President of the Queens Bench Division or the Court Officers in the Administrative Court can make the orders on their Own Motion without a hearing.

6) The Courts ACT 2003 When it was being debated in the House of Lords and The House of Commons, Was the Attorney General and Solicitor General present in the House of Commons or the House of Lords.

Yours faithfully,

Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

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Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

Dear Attorney General’s Office,

I refer to your Email Response and say as follows that:-

I am not seeking Legal Advice from the Attorney General of the United Kingdom or his Legal Secretaries.

1) Under the Family Law Act there is the Provisions for HM Attorney General under Section 59 (1) (2) and 60.

2) Under the Contempt of Court Act 1981, The Attorney General does have the Power to apply for Contempt of Court Proceedings.

3) There have been many Attorney General of the United Kingdom between 1987 and the Present Time, The Former Attorney General in 1988 has died but the legal Secretary at the Time might have moved to another Office.

4) The Attorney General does have the Power under Section 7A of the Prosecution of Offence Act 1985 for the Right of Audience in the Criminal Courts.

5) The Time has come to take legal Proceedings against the HM Attorney Generals both in their Personal Capacity and Official Capacity outside the United Kingdom as some of the Judges in Europe are British Colonial Minded Persons.

Yours faithfully,

Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee