Re-opening a second case when the Ombudsman had previously said the Council had done nothing wrong

The request was successful.

Dear Local Government Ombudsmen,

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The Council at Stockport has wasted hundreds and hundreds of hours
of police time pursuing an innocent man. Mr Parnell asked for
counselling help for his two daughters adopted from Stockport
Council, who had a terrible time with their birth parents. One of
the girls had the wrong details on her documents so, for example,
if he took her to A & E she didn't exist.

After a decade of getting nowhere he decided to emulate Brian Haw
and stand outside Stockport Town hall in peaceful protest until
they did help him. They called the police circa 150 times, 49
arrests, being held for several days at a time in police cells,
imprisonment at Forest Bank prison, where the prisoners could see
he was innocent.

There was a court case dropped on the day of the hearing, police
had to set aside time for that. Mr Parnell, despite his poor
health, was repeatedly sent to Forest Bank prison. There was a
Crown Court hearing where he was acquitted of assault with a sneeze
with intent to inflict a cold on a council employee. The sneeze
didn't happen but the security guard admitted that he had said
something like:- When the Croatian supporters arrive at Piccadilly
Station, I am going to kick their f***ing heads in and pretend I am
kicking you.

After he was acquitted Mr Parnell went to Stockport full council
meeting to ask about why he had been imprisoned. The then LibDem
Mayor, himself subsequently arrested for alleged benefit fraud,
said his question was about planning and subjudice. He then tried
to have Mr Parnell arrested again. All the Executive LibDem
councillors are fully aware of how police time is being wasted in
this case.

The judge at his acquittal said the council should try to help him.
Despite a meeting with the Council Solicitor Barry Khan, nothing
whatsoever was done to help him. All the Executive councillors knew
all about his case. They refused to lift a finger to help him.
Andrew Stunell his MP, also refused to help. Executive Councillor
Foster Grime and Stunell in their election leaflets bemoan the lack
of police officers, whilst condoning the misuse of hundreds of
hours of police time persecuting a completely innocent man.

The latest travesty was a 3 day £10,000 jury trial attended, of
course, by police officers because Mr. Parnell was arrested again
at the behest of the Council. He had gone to another council
office, been told to contact Ged Lucas at Stopford House and when
he got there they had him arrested. Greater Manchester police say
they don't have enough officers to tackle crime - frankly, I am not
surprised given how much of their time is being wasted by Stockport
Council. The police tried and tried to contact Assistant Chief
Executive Ged Lucas to get him to attend this latest show trial but
he refused to return their calls and as the judge said, when he was
asked to appear before the court he "ran for the hills"

I have seen Mr Parnell arrested, police called with blue flashing
lights for using the town hall public lavatory when he had written
permission from the Chief Exec to do so. He was arrested for trying
to attend his own benefits tribunal at the town hall when the judge
said he must claim benefits in order to qualify for Legal Aid.

As with the toxic waste dump school issue, which I have also
highlighted on this site, the Local Government Ombudsman apparently
found no wrongdoing in how Stockport Council handled his case. The
same Executive Councillors and senior council officials are
involved with both his case and the toxic waste dump school fiasco.

Again, I would like to know by what process an issue closed by the
Local Ombudsman as the Council having done no wrong can be
re-examined in the light of subsequent evidence.

What is the procedure for having this second case looked at in the light of subsequent worrying events which have cost the taxpayer possibly hundreds of thousands of pounds?

Yours faithfully,


Foi Officer, The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman

Dear Ms Oliver

The answer is the same as in my reply to your previous email.

Yours sincerely

Hilary Pook
Communications & Records Manager | DL: 020 7217 4734 |
Local Government Ombudsman's office | 10th Floor |
Millbank Tower | Millbank | London | SW1P 4QP | |

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Dear Foi Officer,

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Sheila Oliver