Rationale Regarding Parking Zone B

BenJam made this Freedom of Information request to Bath and North East Somerset Council

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Bath and North East Somerset Council,

I am a resident of Weston Lane and I have, for two years, struggled to park outside my own home due to staff from the nearby RUH parking on the street. The new, 300-space visitor and staff parking facility has not improved matters.

Parking area B includes Gainsborough Gardens, but does not include the section of road on Weston Lane linking it from Combe Park, making it one of the closest areas to the RUH without parking restrictions.

I have approached the council regarding an extension to the parking zone, and an application for residents parking in Zone B but have been denied both.

What I have to received is a sufficient explanation as to why this section of road, linking two roads with parking restrictions, has not been included.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. B. Nickolls

Information Governance, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Dear Mr Nickolls,


Freedom of Information Act 2000


Thank you for your recent request for information. Please accept our
apologies for the delay in our acknowledgement of your request, however we
can confirm that it is being dealt with under the Freedom of Information
Act 2000.


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 a public authority has 20
working days to respond to a request.  Accordingly you will receive our
full response in due course.


Yours sincerely,


Information Governance Team

Risk and Assurance Services

Bath & North East Somerset Council

Telephone: 01225 396658



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Kris Gardom, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Dear Mr. B. Nickolls,


Thank you for your enquiry regarding Resident Parking in Weston and the
existing boundary of Parking Zone B. I’m sorry to hear you are facing
difficulties with regards to parking on the highway. The demands and
pressures on local on-street parking stock continues to grow year on year
as the number of vehicles which needs to be accommodated continues to rise
with the population growth of the city.


To extend a resident Parking Zone requires an in depth consultation
process with local residents. It is important to involve the local
community, to ensure that any scheme proposed is supported by the majority
of residents who would be affected by it. After a full consultation
process in excess of 50% of the total number of residents of the streets
directly affected must be in favour of the proposals to ensure a clear
majority due to the restrictive and fiscal impact of a scheme.

Unfortunately the Resident Parking Capital budget has been removed from
the 2017/18 financial year due to economic pressures and Bath & North East
Somerset Council therefore cannot process any new Resident Parking schemes
or consultations at this time until future funding becomes available.


I will ensure your correspondence is retained on file should funding and
resources become available in the future.


Regarding the Newbridge and Weston Resident Parking consultation which was
carried out in 2015 to address the issues of staff and visitor parking
around the RUH, the following statement was sent out back in November 2015
outlining the Executive Members decision on this matter.


Update on residents’ parking zones


Bath & North East Somerset Council has listened to local residents and
decided not to implement proposals for a residents’ parking zone in the
Newbridge, Weston, Kingsmead and Lansdown areas of Bath.


The Council carried out a public consultation about a proposed zone,
including a drop-in day at Weston Children’s Centre on August 14.


The proposals, which encompassed the area surrounding the Royal United
Hospital Bath (RUH), suggested a scheme to introduce a combination of
resident only parking and commuter parking, but the responses showed
around 63% of people were against the idea.


This result, and the comments received, were assessed and have been
considered by the Cabinet Member for Transport Cllr Anthony Clarke
(Conservative, Lansdown). He said: “We have decided not to proceed with
these particular proposals but we will continue to engage with residents
to find local parking solutions that are supported by the community. We
may come forward with revised proposals more tailored to local needs if
there is sufficient local support, and we will work with the RUH on other
mitigating measures. Whilst these particular proposals are not being taken
forward, we remain conscious of the parking problems in the area and will
continue to seek the right solutions for residents.”


Recently-approved plans to expand car parking at the RUH’s Combe Park site
by almost 30% are a major step towards tackling the problem.


Howard Jones, Director of Estates and Facilities at the RUH said: “We are
delighted to have had our plans to provide additional patient, visitor and
staff parking at the RUH formally approved by the Council. On Monday
November 2, the council granted permission for the creation of 350 extra
spaces on site, which will significantly improve the experience of
patients, visitors and staff when it comes to parking at the hospital, as
well as helping to alleviate parking pressures in the residential areas
surrounding the RUH. Work on the new car park has already begun to the
front of the RUH, on the site of the old pathology lab, and we hope to
have the new car park completed by the end of March 2016.”




I apologise I cannot be of more help at this time.


Kind Regards


Kris Gardom BA(Hons)

TRO Engineer

Traffic Management Team
Bath & North East Somerset Council
Telephone: 01225 39 5362
Email: [email address]

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Thank you for your response.

You'll notice that I was quite clear to ask in my request not whether the parking zone could be extended to include this section of Weston Lane. Instead I asked why it was not included in the existing zone which includes Gainsborough Gardens, which is further from the hospital and linked by this section of road.

I was aware of the consultation, its result and received the notice you provided. As an aside I note that this notice included the following: "Recently-approved plans to expand car parking at the RUH’s Combe Park site by almost 30% are a major step towards tackling the problem", which I can categorically and empirically refute in the case of the area concerned.

What I am at odds with is the fact that not only am I unable to park outside my own home, but I am also refused access to nearby residents only parking at Gainsborough Gardens. I find this disappointing and infuriating in equal measure.

Yours sincerely,


Kris Gardom, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Dear Mr Nickolls,

I'm afraid I wasn’t involved in the creation of this Zone so I'm unable to comment on the extent of the Zone boundary. Regarding permit allocation, this sits with our Parking Services Team. I have copied them into this email, so that they may respond as to the reason why they have declined your application.

Kind Regards

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Ben Hallman, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Dear Mr Nickolls,

My name is Ben Hallman, I am the Team Leader of the Business Support Office at Parking Services, Bath and North East Somerset Council. I have been asked to respond to your questions and your request for information concerning parking in Zone B.

I have not been provided with your original correspondence and am therefore basing my message today on information received in your email of 9th March. I realise that this may result in questions being unanswered and assure you that I will be very happy to do my best to provide full information regarding any outstanding points you may have.

In terms of the availability of parking spaces within resident only parking areas, information about eligibility for permits is found within Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs). These specify that if a property does not lie within the relevant zone boundary then the residents of the property will not be able to purchase residents permits for that zone. Information about resident parking zones can be found at http://www.bathnes.gov.uk/services/parki.... This page includes a link to the policy for Allocation of Parking Permits in Controlled Zones, and one to the terms and conditions.

We at Parking Services endeavour to deliver a service which is of a fair, high and consistent standard and in areas where parking is a challenge we do all we can to provide solutions which are as fair as possible for all- residents, businesses, visitors, pedestrians and so on. This also includes the need to consider access issues; for example, whether or not emergency service vehicles are able to navigate streets as safely as possible. As a resident of Bath for over twenty years I am familiar with Weston Lane. It would be extremely difficult to provide further parking on such a road due to factors relating to safety and accessibility; this has been the situation for many years.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Yours sincerely,


Ben Hallman

Business Support Team Leader- Parking Services Environmental Services Bath and North East Somerset Council

Tel: 01225 395249

Email: [email address]

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Parking Services is committed to delivering an excellent service and we would appreciate it if you can spare a few moments to provide feedback on the service you have received.  Please complete the short survey at http://www.bathnes.gov.uk/consultations/...

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