RAF Shipton

Paul Westwood made this Freedom of Information request to Defence Infrastructure Organisation

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Defence Infrastructure Organisation did not have the information requested.

Dear Defence Infrastructure Organisation,

I am doing some research in to RAF Shipton near York. It used to be a regional nuclear command bunker up until the early 90s. Now it is owned by a company called HMX Crown property but this company does not exist.

Do you know who owns it and for what purpose it is being used for?

Yours faithfully,

Paul Westwood

DIO Sec-Parli (MULTIUSER), Defence Infrastructure Organisation

Dear Mr Westwood,

Your request has been logged under our reference 2021/00634 and the target date for response is 16/02/2021.

Yours sincerely

DIO Secretariat

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DIO Sec-Parli (MULTIUSER), Defence Infrastructure Organisation

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Good Afternoon,

Please see attached the response to your Freedom of Information request dated 19 January 2021.

Kind Regards

DIO Secretariat

Defence Infrastructure Organisation

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