Radioactive Poisoning of the People

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Dear Prime Minister’s Office,
What actions are you taking about the radioactivity levels from Fukishima reaching the UK.
1: What is the increase in levels of radioactivity since the Fukishima accident.
2: Are you actively monitoring the levels.
3: as America just ordered 14 000 000 doses of Iodine for their population to be delivered by beginning of Feb, are you taking similar action.

4: The trade winds go world wide so it is coming here, Nothing in the Press or the news, failure to take appropriate action for the people will make you liable for a private prosecution for a Breach of the peace by allowing a poisoning to take place while you did nothing about it.
I suggest you get on it fast, we are all at risk, and the Healthcare budget will go through the roof when all the tumours start, or is this all too far in the future for you?

Please respond promptly as this is imminent, and I hope you are not relying on the fact that people will not notice they are getting poisoned until its too late.
Yours faithfully,


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This is a deliberate attempt to keep us in the dark, we need action as soon as possible or we will be poisoned by our governments inaction

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We are not asking, we are ordering that you act before it is too late. You are the public servant, you are the trustee Prime Minister; so do your duty. Misconduct in public office is a very serious offence, punishable by up to a life sentence.

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Hi Peter you are correct he does have a duty of care to the people he represents, he only has the same powers we have, He represents us (or is meant to )and he is also liable in a court of law, are we heading for the first PM to be taken to court by the people? for misfeasance in public office? or a breach of our peace.... I feel it wont be long.

Prime Minister's Office

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Dear Mr Brewster,


Please find attached a response to your query dated 20 January, regarding
radioactive poisoning.


With best regards,


The Civil Contingencies Secretariat.




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Civil Contingencies Secretariat

35 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BQ   



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Dear Prime Minister’s Office,
Many thanks for the comprehensive answer, appreciated, Public announcements are not occurring, and as a reassurance measure, can I suggest you make one, the reason being the cancer epidemic sweeping Europe and the UK, People want reassurance, I consider this matter concluded with many thanks.

Yours faithfully,