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J Mir made this Freedom of Information request to UK Border Agency

The request was refused by UK Border Agency.

Dear UK Border Agency,

I submitted my son's MN1 application (section 1(3)) and received a confirmation of its receipt on 25/03/2012. It's almost three months and there has been no further communication from UKBA. I can understand if it's somewhere in queue, but what is frustrating is that people who submitted their applications in May have received approvals and I am still waiting. I have been reading the following forum on which people post their MN1 application processing times. I am hoping that it's credible source to believe.


Now the usual response may be that some applications are straight forward, but I don't understand how can my son's application (who is 2 year old - born here) not be straight forward?

Yours faithfully,

J Mir

Dear UK Border Agency,

By law, UKBA should have responded promptly or latest by today. But I have received nothing in this regard so far. Can you please help?

Yours faithfully,

J Mir

Freedom Of Information Team ( IND ), UK Border Agency

Dear J Mir

Your enquiry of 19 June does not fall to be treated under the Freedom of Information Act as it is an enquiry related to your sons application. Your enquiry has been passed to the Public Enquiries team to respond to you, but you should note that it is their general policy not to respond to progress enquiries unless the application has been outstanding in excess of six months.

I'm sorry that the Freedom of Information Team cannot help you any further.


Freedom of Information Act Policy Team

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