Dear Thames Valley Police,

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 I have some queries about the investigation in to the death of Dr David Kelly:

1. (a) At what time was Thames Valley's chief constable alerted about the discovery of the body of Dr Kelly ?

2. (a) Why did DC Graham Coe, one of the first on the scene, not tell the Hutton inquiry that there was a third 'suited' man with him and his partner DC Colin Shields when the body was discovered, as some eyewitnesses had claimed?
(b) Why did he subsequently admitted this to be the case after saying otherwise?
(c) Why does he still refuse to name him this man publicly?
(d) Does Thames Valley Police know who this man was/is?
(e) If so, who was he working for?

3. (a) Former MP Robert Jackson said Dr Kelly's GP, Dr Malcolm Warner told him he saw the Dr Kelly's body immediately after its discovery. Why was that fact not disclosed to the Hutton inquiry at the time?

4. (a) How did Dr Kelly cut his left wrist if, as those who knew him said, his right arm was damaged to such a degree that he struggled cutting steak?
(b) Why was the ulnar artery severed rather than the radial, which is how the cut would naturally have been made, from left to right, with the right hand?
(c) Could this suggest the wound was made by a third party?

5. (a) Why were there no fingerprints on the knife when Dr Kelly was not wearing gloves or on the bottle from which he supposedly drank to swallow the tablets?
(b) Why was that fact not disclosed to the Hutton inquiry at the time?

6. (a) Why did a helicopter which passed over the scene with heat-seeking equipment not detect the body so soon after Dr Kelly likely died?
(b) Why was that fact not disclosed to the Hutton inquiry at the time?

7. (a) What explains the discrepancy between the account of the position of the body given by the person(s) who discovered it and the paramedics when they arrived?
(b) Did someone or something move the body and/or destroy evidence?
(c) Did Dr Kelly die where his body was found?
(d) Why did the head of the investigation into Dr Kelly’s death, Superintendent Alan Young of Thames Valley Police, not give evidence to the Hutton inquiry at the time?

8. (a) Why did Operation Mason, the police code-name for the search for Dr Kelly, officially start before his family had reported him missing?
(b) did Who authorised the opening of documentation on the operation and at precisely what time? and for what reason?
(c) Did the Thames Valley Police and/or others remove wallpaper in Dr Kelly’s home?
(d) Some have claimed that Dr Kelly was writing/had written a book. Did Thames Valley Police take any writings such as a manuscript (digital or on paper) as evidence during the investigation?
(e) Where are his belongings and any other evidence on the case now?
(f) Has any belongings/evidence been returned to Dr Kelly's family?

9. (a) Whose fingerprints where on Dr Kelly's dental records file that went missing for 24 hours from his surgery on the day of his death?. (Information confirming the existence of the fingerprints was released under an FOI request on 23 May 2011.)
(b) Why was contradicting evidence about this given to the Hutton inquiry at the time?

10. (a) Why was Dr Kelly’s death certificate only completed on August 18th 2003, a whole three weeks into the Hutton inquiry?

11. (a) Does Thames Valley police know why Lord Hutton placed a 70 year embargo on release of the post-mortem documents?
(b) Did Lord Hutton provide a written (e.g an email or letter) explanation for this to Thames Valley Police?
(c) If so can I see a copy of this document/correspondence?

12. (a) There where reports at the time of a helicopter landing a the scene after Dr Kelly's body was discovered, did this helicopter belong to Thames Valley Police?
(b) If not,to what organisation or individual did it belong?
(c) Who was on board the helicopter at the time?
(d) Why was this helicopter at the scene?
(d) What was the registration number of the helicopter?
(e) Can I see the helicopter's flight log for that day?

13. (a) Did Thames Valley police erect a large communications mast outside Dr Kelly's house immediately after he was declared missing?
(b) If so, under whose instruction?

I appreciate it could take some time to answer these questions, please tell if that is the case and roughly when I can expect a reply.

Many thanks,
Josh Hastings

FOI, Thames Valley Police

Dear Mr Hastings,

Thames Valley Police, Joint Information Management Unit acknowledge receipt of your email and will respond further in due course. Thank you for contacting Thames Valley Police.

Kind Regards

Public Access Assistant
Joint Information Management Unit | Hampshire Constabulary & Thames Valley Police
Telephone +44(0)1865  542051 |
Email Address [email address] or [email address]

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Public Access, Thames Valley Police

1 Attachment

Dear Mr Hastings


Please see attached our response to your above referenced Freedom of
Information request.


Yours Sincerely,



Amy Foster | Public Access Officer

Joint Information Management Unit | Hampshire Constabulary & Thames Valley

Telephone: 01865 542051 | Address: TVP Headquarters, Oxford Road,
Kidlington, OX5 2NX



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