Query regarding DfC "joining with the DWP contract" in 2023

Sinead Quinn made this Freedom of Information request to Department for Communities (Northern Ireland)

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Dear Department for Communities (Northern Ireland),

At a special Council Health & Community Cmmittee meeting of Derry City & Strabane District Council on 20/10/21, Linda Williams, Director of Governance and Commercial Services for the Department of Communities stated "we are joining with the DWP contract from August 2023". These comments were made in response to queries about the barriers to the PIP assessment process being brought in house.

I am writing to request information regarding the "joining" process with DWP.

1. Why does DfC need to "join" the DWP whenever they already work hand in hand?
2. What will that process involve?
3. What implications does that have for bringing service delivery of PIP in-house?
4. What implications does that process have for welfare claimants generally?

Yours faithfully,

Sinead Quinn

DfC FOI, Department for Communities (Northern Ireland)

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DfC Health Transformation, Department for Communities (Northern Ireland)

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Dear Ms Quinn,

Regarding your recent FOI request for information about “DfC "joining with
the DWP contract" in 2023”. Please see the attached acknowledgement.

Kind regards

Sinéad Fitzpatrick



Fitzpatrick, Sinead, Department for Communities (Northern Ireland)

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Dear Ms Quinn

Regarding your recent FOI request for information about “DfC "joining with
the DWP contract" in 2023”. Please see the attached response.

Kind regards

Sinéad Fitzpatrick