Richard MacKenzie

Dear Abingdon Town Council,

Considering the Allotment Act allows the keeping of hens on
publicly run allotments, does your organisation allow plot holders
to keep quail hens?

Yours faithfully,

Richard MacKenzie

Richard MacKenzie

Dear Abingdon Town Council,

This has now passed the statutory 20 days. Please provide the information ASAP.
Yours faithfully,

Richard MacKenzie

Steve Rich, Abingdon Town Council

Dear Mr MacKenzie

I apologise for the delay in responding to your question regarding the
keeping of Qails on Allotments.


The Abingdon Allotment sites are all managed by individual Allotment
Associations who have their own regulations regarding the keeping of any
livestock on allotment sites.  You can contact the various associations
(there are three in Abingdon) and their details are published on the
Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council website.




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Head of Services

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