Purpose of Independent Advisory Council

Darryl J Lee (Mr.) made this Freedom of Information request to Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was partially successful.

Darryl J Lee (Mr.)

Dear Nuclear Decommissioning Authority ("NDA") and subsidiary company Radioactive Waste Management Limited ("RWM").

[By reference to any recorded information] Now that the establishment by RWM of an Independent Advisory Council, chaired by Lorraine Baldry OBE is public knowledge, are you able to confirm please, whether the Independent Advisory Council was established to provide advice to RWM or to community members or others or to everyone?

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Darryl J Lee (Mr.)

Enquiries, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

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Dear Mr Lee

RWM Ltd are best placed to answer this query. I have contacted them and they have advised me that they have received your enquiry and are in the process of answering it.


Judith Griffin
Information Access Manager
NDA, Herdus House, Westlakes Science & Technology Park, Moor Row, CA24 3HU Tel. no. 01925802077

Please note that I work Mon – Thur from 8:30 – 14:30.

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Darryl J Lee (Mr.)

Dear Judith Griffin.

According the "whatdotheyknow" website, my Request ("Purpose of Independent Advisory Council") should have been answered before yesterday.

That is to say, the Statutory deadline for answering my Request has apparently passed.
I note that The NDA has asked RWM to answer the Request on their behalf. This has not been done yet.

Please confirm the best estimated date by which my Request will be answered.

Yours sincerely,

Darryl J Lee (Mr.)

Flint, Duncan, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

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Dear Mr Lee,


Re: Freedom of Information Act – Request for Information


Response to your FOI regarding the RWM Advisory Council
([1][FOI #468474 email])


Firstly please may I apologise for not responding to you sooner.


However, in answer to your question (Now that the establishment by RWM of
an independent Advisory Council, chaired by Lorraine Baldry OBE is public
knowledge (as of Feb' 16) are you able to confirm now whether the advisory
council was established to provide advice to RWM or to community members
or both please?)


The purpose of the Advisory Council is to provide advice to RWM.


Specifically, the Terms of Reference say - The Advisory Council's role is
to provide expertise, balanced perspective and strategic advice to support
Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) as it moves into a significant phase of
its programme to deliver a Geological Disposal Facility.  Working through
the Managing Director, members of the Advisory Council provide good
quality advice, sound judgement and expert opinion in order to contribute,
enhance and add value to the quality of decision making.


I have also attached a copy of the Advisory Council terms of reference for
your information.


We hope that this meets with your approval but if you are dissatisfied
with the way in which RWM has dealt with your request, you have the right
to require us to review our actions and decisions. If you wish to request
a review, please write to me within 40 working days. You will receive a
full response to your request for review within 20 working days of its


If you are subsequently dissatisfied with the way in which we have handled
your request for review, you may ask the Information Commissioner to
review our decision. You must submit your complaint to the Commissioner
within 6 months of receiving the response to review letter.



Yours sincerely,



Duncan Flint

Media & Campaigns Manager


Radioactive Waste Management

Building 587

Curie Avenue

Harwell Oxford


OX11 0RH


T: 01925 802292

M: 07803 495577

W: [2]http://www.gov.uk/rwm

E: [3][email address]


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