Pupil numbers in each year group September 2015. Also whether students are from Haringey.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Tottenham University Technology College,
I'm a local parent and would like to know how many students attend your school. I would be grateful if you could provide numbers for each year group and also inform me as to whether the students have come to you from Haringey or from 'out of borough'.

Yours faithfully,

S. Williams

Deborah Ramm-Harpley, Tottenham University Technology College

Thank you for your enquiry regarding student numbers. The EFA funding
agreement for our new University Technical College in Tottenham was for 21
Year 10 students and 75 Year 12 students. We currently have 31 Year 10
pupils and 49 Year 12 students. This represents a 33% over subscription
for Year 10 and 65% of the year 12 allocation and a total of 83% of the
total number budgeted for by the Department of Education. 75% of our
students comeĀ from Haringey but also include those fromĀ 5 other boroughs
and from 38 different schools.
Deborah Ramm-Harpley