Pupil attendance

The request was successful.

Dear Altrincham College,

Please may I request the overall average attendance (as a percentage) of your school for the following school years:

2021/2022 (so far)

This includes all years including your sixth form (if appropriate).

If you could break this down in to year groups it would be greatly appreciated.

However, if the second statement would cause the whole request to be rejected then please considering the first question as a separate request.

Many thanks for your time.

Yours faithfully,

Tom Scotson

Head Teacher, Altrincham College

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Altrincham College


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Danielle Shields, Altrincham College

Freedom of Information Request
Reference: FOI 2022.1

Dear Mr Scotson,

We have received and logged your information request which will be treated as a request made under the Freedom of Information (“FOI”) Act 2000. Please quote your reference number in any correspondence.

We aim to provide final responses to FOI requests by no later than 20 working days after the day of receipt of a valid request (01 February 2022).

If payment of a fee is required for providing the requested information, we will notify you within the above-mentioned 20 working day period, however such fees are usually waived if they amount to less than £10.

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Yours sincerely,
Altrincham College

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Danielle Shields, Altrincham College

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Dear Mr Scotson

Please find attached our response to your FOI query.

With thanks
D Shields

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