Michael Doherty

Dear Independent Police Complaints Commission,

Can I please have the following information in connection with the recently published IPCC report titled;

"The full report, produced by Solutions Research, examining public views of police corruption and how it should be addressed"

- details of the information given to the participants regarding the IPCC

- other information and scenarios presented to the participants in the course of making this report.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Doherty

Alison Davies,

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Dear Mr Doherty

Please see attached acknowledgment letter in relation to your FOI request.

Yours sincerely

Alison Davies
Standards & Quality Support Officer

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Alison Davies,

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Dear Mr Doherty

Please find response to your recent FOI request

Yours sincerely

Alison Davies

Alison Davies
Standards & Quality Support Officer

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Malcolm Lidbury left an annotation ()

My experience of the IPCC is entirely a negative one in that they are complicit in aiding the corrupt & dishonest constabulary to cover up police corruption & criminality by looking the other way, failing to examine evidence, failing to interview witnesses, igonoring the existence of evidence documentation.

Below OPEN LETTER to Mr A Hogg Devon & Cornwall Police new Crime Commissioner.

NB: Please note both the Prime Minister Office & Home Office DID respond, reffering me to the IPCC. My Mp Andrew George did diddly-squat as usual, theres £65,000 a year the tax payers could be saved for all the good my Mp does.

The IPCC buck passed the complaint to the Devon & Cornwall Police Professional Standards Unit for usual burial of a complaint, as has been my experience of police complaints & the corrupt way in which they are handled.


Dear Mr Anthony Hogg; PCC Devon & Cornwall Constabulary

Congratulations on being elected Police & Crime Commissioner for Devon & Cornwall. I note your stated aim is to improve police service & attempt to improve public respect of police. But respect is earned, not a right simply because of being arrogant through the power to threaten, discriminate, & intimidate with impunity, hiding behind a police uniform & warrant card.

I write to you as a VICTIM OF CRIME reported in Cornwall:-
• Theft from my home
• Attacks upon my home
• Violent assault (TWICE)
• Intimidation as a witness
• My subjected to internet hate crime
• My victim of an attempted extortion
• My vehicles smashed up on my own property
• Subjected to DEATH THREATS & threats of physical violence
• Subjected to later ADMITTED by police false allegation (TWICE)
• Myself, & 80yr old mother, her tenants subjected to threats & abuse by POLICE officers

It is not just discrimination to racial minorities UK police practise as routine police procedure. Cornwall Police actively by their conduct have aided in instigating and/or encouraging many of the crimes against my family, my mothers’ tenants, friends, but primarily against me as a ‘gay man’.

Reports commissioned by government into policing attitudes towards gay persons in the UK, including Stephen Lawrence McPherson Report 1999, conclude HOMOPHOBIA rife within the police. Yet a blind eye repeatedly turned at every level when that police homophobia is reported. Cornwall Police choose to ignore crimes reported & then ignore complaints about police due to their discriminatory & dishonest police officers being complicit in further compounding of some offences.

As result of police misconduct following two separate police arrests 2004/2007 later admitted as false allegations made against me, but lead directly to two separate attempted suicides by me. This resulting in my being medically diagnosed with severe ‘Catastrophic Trauma’ leaving me all but housebound. My businesses completely destroyed as consequence of police misconduct. I survive on incapacity benefit & live every single day in genuine fear of yet further homophobic Cornwall police vendetta hate reprisals. NB: Cornwall already has amongst highest gay suicide rates per head of UK population.

I have personally witnessed Cornwall Police:-
• Police Commit Perjury
• Police Failure of duty of care
• Police Suppression of evidence,
• Police Intimidation of witnesses,
• Police Homophobic discrimination
• Police Instigated Hate Crime against gay persons
• …and more, to which I would testify to in a court of law

All these police incidents reported, but evidence ignored, witnesses ignored, evidence suppressed. It takes courage to make complaint against police; I have experienced 1st hand the police reprisals & police vendetta that DO follow from making complaint against police.

As an out gay man since 1989 I have visibly & actively campaigned for over 20yrs for gay equality, previously acknowledged for my gay equality & HIV/AIDS awareness achievements. In 2004 I took part in a Criminal Justice Board forum into ‘policing of the gay community’. Also I contributed as witness to enquiry into institutional UK Human Rights abuses, thanked for my contribution by Dame Nuala O'Loan DBE, chair of British Equality & Human Rights Commission. I also was invited as a witness in government audit office enquiry into effectiveness of the IPCC. I know from personal bitter, experience of Cornwall police corruption, criminality & prejudice IPCC totally ineffectual & utterly untrustworthy; not fit for purpose. IPCC just hand most complaints back to police force concerned… for police to bury & cover up! Devon & Cornwall Police Professional Standards Unit routinely ignore complaints about police officers… Cornwall Police Professional Standards Unit NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE, unless the intent of purpose is to cover up police dishonesty & criminality.

UK Police seldom held accountable for their crimes, abuse of power, corruption, and dishonesty, as carried out by police & further lies by senior police to cover up that police criminality & misconduct:-
• Police lies in Birmingham Six cover up
• Police lies in Hillsbourgh disaster cover up
• Police lies in N.O.W Leveson enquiry bribes
• Police failing in Jimmy Saville investigations cover up
• Police assault on Mark Aspinall, Afghan military war hero
• Police execution of Charles de Menezes initial police lies & cover up
• Police beating of Ian Tomlinson unlawful killing & police lies in cover up
• Police failing in the Welsh Children’s Homes Sex Abuse scandals cover up
• Police shooting of Mark Duggan, which ignited spark of the nationwide 2011 city riots
• …and many hundreds of very questionable & dubious deaths in police custody, police shootings & deaths caused in police RTI’s in the UK since 2000 (see INQUEST org reports)

The above known list is merely ‘tip of the iceberg’ of hundreds, if not thousands of commonplace abuses of power & criminality committed by police in the UK. The UK police seemingly are unaccountable, above the law, police even unlawfully killing with impunity. In your position as PCC please prioritise to have police criminality, police corruption & police abuse of power investigated properly & not covered up as is current practise of ‘one rule for police’, another for UK resident victims & families of police crimes & abuses. Police just do not deserve either respect or public trust.

As PCC please act to bring to policing complaint process some honesty & integrity currently entirely absent from police self-serving process. The complaint process additionally flawed as senior police officers seem to take no responsibility for their abysmal failure of their command, even when UK residents unlawfully killed by police. (ex. Charles de Menezes, Ian Tomlinson, Richard O'Brien, etc. etc.)

The Prime Minster, Mr David Cameron in a recent controversial ITV television interview recently raised the spectre of gay witch-hunts, but homophobes of Cornwall police conducting a gay witch-hunt for years! Since I came out as a gay man in 1989 I have not been charged, prosecuted or convicted of any criminal offence in a court of law, However as a public critic of police criminality & homophobia since 2004 I have been repeatedly victimised & targeted by Devon & Cornwall Constabulary in a police homophobic motivated relentlessly anti-gay witch hunt.

I give permission for you to view the 6hr video witness statement held by Cornwall police that I gave in 2010 regarding misconduct of numerous Cornwall police officers. That video statement buried by corrupt Devon & Cornwall senior police officers covering up police dishonesty & criminality.

Even though promised a copy by a police inspector when over two days in February & March 2010 I gave emotionally highly distressing & traumatising witness statement about police multiple misconduct & criminality, I was refused access via a Freedom of Information Act request to the video.

Its not just in Jimmy Saville & Welsh Care homes cases
corrupt police routinely suppress child sex abuse witness statements!!!

Prime Minster David Cameron recently advocated historic childhood sexual abuse should be reported.

Well I have reported, repeatedly, along with multiple other police misconduct & police criminality.

My video statement Feb/Mch 2010 contains in part my reporting my child sexual abuse when I was 6 or 7 years old up until I was about 10-ish by a paedophile ring. The abuse carried out by a known teacher, clergy & his POLICE mates. The video statement & incidents buried by complicit IPCC, IAG, CID, COG, CIOS Diversity, & senior police officers of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary.

My video statement provided to a police inspector in March 2010, but the video buried by Devon & Cornwall Constabulary & a participating police appointed advisor, (NB: A police advisor who has since participated in an online hate campaign against me as I am a witness who blew the whistle & provided information to a £1million tax fraud case now going to court. Evidence & witnesses of the police advisor hate campaign against me also now submitted to yet another court)!

The years of sexual abuse & male rape I experienced when I was a child NOTHING compared to EMOTIONAL RAPE & TRAUMA I have experienced caused & repeatedly carried out by police officers of the vile homophobic Devon & Cornwall Constabulary year-on-year since 2004.

Members of the public can report until blue-in-the face police intimidation, police dishonesty, police criminality, police corruption, & police discrimination, but are simply ignored & brushed aside by complacent authorities, complicit senior police officers & police sycophants, simply because police can through obstructive misfeasance & intimidation cover up their police misconduct & criminality.

Mr Hogg, being x-navy you may recognise; - ‘Homosexuality, it may be legal, but it’s still not allowed’, a navy term gay friends of mine formerly at RNAS Culdrose were very familiar with and is very much still the type of homophobic mentality doctrine & mantra as practised by Cornwall police.

I now have no respect or trust in any police officer from this vile & corrupt Devon & Cornwall Constabulary. I would like to know through courtesy of a reply your intent as PCC regarding my now reported to you experience of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary. It would be genuinely refreshing to me as victim of multiple crimes & homophobia if someone, connected with Devon & Cornwall police actually acted with even a modicum of honesty & integrity … just for a change.

Yours sincerely

Malcolm Lidbury
CC:-A Hogg; PCC
D Cameron; Prime Minister
A George, Mp for Helston
COG & Chief Constable Devon & Cornwall Police
..and others

NB: This letter sent in Nov 2012 to the PCC. Still no reply to date. Meanwhile IPCC continues to look the other way regarding complaints against the police.

The IPCC simply is not fit for purpose in protecting the public from the incidents of widespread & commonplace police dishonesty, criminality & corruption as is routinely protected within the Constabulary.

Miss M Breaksey left an annotation ()

It's a great shame but the police in the UK now are little more than gangsters & tax collectors. Uniformed constables are often honest but any rank above are untrustworthy and mostly freemasons. Police falsify evidence against motorists to meet their arrest & fine's targets, fit innocent victins up by falsifing evidence, steal from the public, collude with organised crimminals and take bribes knowing that they will always be protected. The courts always side with the police and again are mostly freemasons. Margaret Thatcher's government carried out an investigation into corruption and freemasons within the police & courts (the findings are online) The police complaints commission is the propaganda arm of the police, their job is to protect the police from the public. The honest coppers are too frightened to speak out or whistle blow because they will be targeted and hounded. The honest police officers keep their heads down, don't see anything, do their time and get out with their pension. Sadly we can never trust any police officer.

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