Public Safety Zones - Heathrow : End of Cranford Agreement

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Dear Civil Aviation Authority,

I note that Hillingdon Council is currently seeking comments on a planning application by Heathrow Airport to undertake works associated with the ending of the Cranford Agreement whereby currently planes do not usually take off from the northern runway in an easterly direction.

The associated Health and Equalities Impact Assessment mentions the possibility of changed Public Safety Zones connected with the change in flight movements :

Issue: whether the public safety zones at the end of the northern runway are going to be changed
as a result of the proposed changes. Under the Cranford Agreement flights would depart in an
easterly direction from the northern runway only in exceptional circumstances. If the Cranford
Agreement is lifted then easterly flights from the northern runway would become more frequent.

Does this mean that the safety zones would change?
 Response: HAL to discuss with Department for Transport. The established Public Safety
Zones will need to be remodelled by NATS, the National Air Traffic Service. Exactly how and
when this will occur is the subject of discussions with the Civil Aviation Authority.

Under the Freedom of Information Act please can you provide me with information held by the CAA regarding the changes in Public Safety Zones associated with the ending of the Cranford Agreement and the process of establishing it.

It would appear that the mechanism outlined by the previous Minister regarding Public Safety Zones and planning applications in connection with the potential third runway at Heathrow is not being followed :

Yours faithfully,

Tim Henderson

FOI Requests, Civil Aviation Authority

Corporate Centre
Information Management

Dear Mr Henderson

The CAA acknowledges receipt of your Information request.

If your requirements are unclear, or the information is held by another public body, we will contact you in the next five working days. Otherwise the information we are able to release, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, will be assembled and made available to you within 20 working days from date of receipt. If an exemption applies to any of the information requested an explanation will be provided.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of this request, I can be contacted on:
01293 768512. Please quote reference F0001584.

Yours sincerely

Rick Chatfield
Information Rights and Enquiries Officer

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Chatfield Rick, Civil Aviation Authority

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