Public Area Within The Job Center Plus Buildings.

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Can you please send me the document, or act of parliament, or any other document that gives any powers that are greater than my own, to a private security company in a 'Public Area' within the DWP buildings. Also...The licence or any document/agreement from my employe ( UK Government ) that gives a private security guard permission to view any CCTV taken in a public area by governmental/police video cameras that I pay for.......
It is my understanding that the law states anybody is entitled to video in a public area as nobody has the power to stop them. Can you please confirm this....or please send me the authorisation document that says a private security company has more powers than I on this matter.

I have every faith you can provide me with this information.

John Logan.
Yours faithfully,

John Logan

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DWP CAXTON HOUSE Commercial Directorate Correspondence, Department for Work and Pensions

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Dear Mr Logan,
Please see attached response.
DWP Caxton House Commercial Directorate Correspondence Team

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Dear DWP CAXTON HOUSE Commercial Directorate Correspondence,

Am I missing something in your reply. Does the DWP work for me....and is it not from the public purse they are paid. Or are you telling me they have no accountability and that they have more power than me. You stated that the DWP invites the public into 'it's' building. Please clarify the word 'It's' as if they do still work for me....then the word 'it's' means it is also my building and even if It is managed by a private company.....I still rent it and have full access to public areas.
Yours sincerely,

John Logan

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