Dear Department for Transport,

I was wondering if you can the following questions regarding the company address part of legal lettering (to be referred to as Legal Address) and tell me where this information can be found at

1 if a PSV motor is being driven by company staff and the motor in question is branded to the company should the motor have the Legal Address on the near side of the body?

2 Under what conditions can a motor not have Legal Address?

3 What temporary measures can be used for the display of Legal Address and what grace period is provided for a new owner to put their own Legal Address?

4 What are the readability requirements for Legal Address ie light colour on a dark colour and vice versa?

5 if a motor does not have the Legal Address as stated in question one or has it in a manner that can not be read IE dark text on a dark back ground should this motor be on the road?

Yours faithfully,

Glen Turnbull

Mark Hrabi, Department for Transport

Dear Glen Turnbull,

Thank you for your request for information regarding PSV Legal Lettering Requirements. Due to the nature of your request it will be responded to as Treat Official departmental correspondence not a Freedom of Information request.

Regulation 45 of the Public Service Vehicles (Conditions of Fitness, Equipment, Use and Certification) Regulations 1981 (SI 1981 No.257)(As amended) contains provisions for markings, as detailed below:-

45 Markings

No vehicle in respect of which, by virtue of section 17(1) of the Transport Act 1980, a certificate of initial fitness, or a certificate under section 130 of the Road Traffic Act 1960, or a certificate under section 47 of the Road Traffic Act 1972 is required shall be used on a road unless the vehicle is marked with clearly legible characters—

(i) not less than 25 millimetres tall,

(ii) in a conspicuous position on the nearside of the vehicle,

(iii) in colours which contrast with their background, and

(iv) indicating the name of the owner (as defined in section 44(1) of the said Act of 1980 in relation to a vehicle to which that definition applies) of the vehicle and the owner's principal place of business.

Mark Hrabi
Buses & Taxis Division
Department for Transport

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