£1 million Corporate Website and Mobile Site budget - DFP Approval

Robert Laverty made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Finance (Northern Ireland)

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Department of Finance (Northern Ireland) did not have the information requested.

Dear Department of Finance (Northern Ireland),

Translink recently spent over £1m on a new website. The cost did not include the cost of the online journey planner which was funded through a separate service contract valued at £800,000+ over 3 years.

The breakdown of the £1 million spend is below:

Concepts: £171,270
Construction: £557,244
Project management: £100,000
Security: £80,141
Hosting set up: £19,000
Optimum bias: £139,148
Total: £1,066,803

The website delivered is of very limited scale or complexity. Note again that the journey planner functionality was not included in the £1m spend and was tendered separately (£800K+)

Given the importance of operating with regularity and propriety and the need for efficiency, economy, effectiveness and prudence in the administration of public resources, to deliver value for money when it comes to public money I would like the Department to provide some information.

I would like the Department for Finance to provide confirmation of whether DFP approval was sought / granted regarding this expenditure to ensure that it was not deemed as 'irregular' following the definition of irregularity provided to Translink and per MPMNI.

I would also request that the Department provides a copy of any economic appraisal submitted in relation to the £1 million website

Yours faithfully,

Robert Laverty

DoF FOI, Department of Finance (Northern Ireland)

Good afternoon,

The Department of Finance acknowledges receipt of your request for information - your reference number is DOF/2020-0318.

Please be aware that you may experience delays when making information rights requests during the current covid-19 pandemic. This is because resources may have to be diverted away from usual compliance or information rights work.

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Pamela Bannon

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DoF FOI, Department of Finance (Northern Ireland)

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Good afternoon,

Please see attached response to your recent request for information.

Pamela Bannon

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