PRRT Roles and Function

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Department of Justice (Northern Ireland) should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Department of Justice (Northern Ireland),

Please supply me with any information you may hold on the roles and
function of the PRRT and in particular if their activities are
officially restricted to a post service influence only.

Do they, or did they ever have within their remit, the authority to offer
administrative services, deliver reports or recommend policy to any
working department within the PSNI?

Yours faithfully,

B V Morton

DOJ FOI Mailbox,

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Dear Mr/Ms Morton

Please see the attached letter.



<<FOI 11 17 - Morton - PRRT Roles and Function - Acknowledgement

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DOJ FOI Mailbox,

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Dear Mr/Ms Morton,

Please see attached letter.
Kind Regards,

DOJ FOI team

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Dear DOJ FOI Mailbox,

Thank you for your very thorough and well presented reply to my enquiry.

I refer specifically to Para.4 of your reply and now wish advice on how to complain/investigate a breach of their (PRRT's) operational remit.

The following is a reply to a FOI question raised with the PSNI by myself where they clearly admit in answer to Question 2 that they by way of procurement secured the services of PRRT for such a purpose, a determination that rests well outside PRRT's commonly recognised and legal remit and which runs contrary to the original purpose of their employ.

This breach, which was authorised by an ACC may also be the subject of an official complaint against the officer concerned.


Request Number:

Organisational Information/Governance

Further Questions Relating to Underwater Search F-2010-03188

Request and Answer:

This is to inform you that the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has now completed its search
for the information you requested. The decision has been taken to disclose the located information
to you in full.

Question 1
Was this report ever reviewed by anyone in PSNI with a knowledge of the subject or simply accepted
without challenge?

The report was examined by the Superintendent, Operational Policy and Support along with
the PSNI Dive Contractor with regard to its accuracy and content.

Question 2
More importantly, under what authority was PRRT commissioned to carry out a Financial Review of
this Service Provision?

PSNI sought to ensure the independence of the report and the Police Rehabilitation and Retraining
Trust (PRRT) were seen to have the necessary skill set to conduct such a review. This was
authorised by Assistant Chief Constable, Operations Branch.

Question 3
Is this within their organisational or legal remit?"

PSNI does not hold information relevant to this part of your request as PRRT is an
independent private limited company, external to PSNI.

Yours sincerely,

B V Morton

Gallagher, Heather,

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Dear Mr/Ms Morton
Thank you for your e-mail of 22 March 2012, I apologise for the delay in
Your complaint would be dealt with by the Department's Central Management
Unit, who will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and assign it to the
approriate Office for a full response, I attach a copy of the Procedures
and also the link below:
In your e-mail you also copied your PSNI FOI request and I note you had
further queries regarding this.  As you are aware PSNI have their own FOI
Team and are operationally independent of the Department of Justice so
they should respond to you directly on these matters and hopefully you
have been able to address your issues with them. 
I hope you find this information helpful.
Heather Gallagher

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