Provision of Halal meat to students within any of your catering or retail facilities

The request was successful.

Dear Robinson College, Cambridge,

I understand that each of the 31 Cambridge Colleges are a separate legal entity and public authority under the Freedom of Information Act.

I would like details of your policy regarding Halal meat products within your food and catering facilities.

*This may be in (but not limited to) communal dining rooms, halls of residence, restaurants, cafes, shops, student union facilities or any other food outlet.

1. Do you only serve or sell Halal meat products or is Halal only available upon request?

2. Please list which products are Halal?
For example: all Chicken products are Halal or all Chicken and Lamb are Halal but Beef is not and so on.

3. Where a specific meat product is Halal, are non-halal meat alternatives provided for those that wish to abstain?
For example: all Chicken products are by default Halal but a non-halal chicken product is available upon request.

4. Are Halal products clearly labelled as such at the point of sale or service?

5. Are you able to verify, or do you have a policy to check, that any animal used in your Halal meat products was stunned before slaughter?

6. Do you or any of your suppliers hold any form of Halal certification from bodies such as; Halal Food Authority (HFA), The Halal Monitoring Committee

(HMC) or any other organisation and if so, please state who and supply a copy of the certificate?

Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully,

Kenny Green

Michele Tumber,

Dear Mr Green,

Here is the Foi response from Robinson College

Question 1. We serve Halal meat twice a week in the garden restaurant.
Question 2. We sell Chicken, Beef and Lamb products.
Question 3. A variety of meals are served every day, twice a week some will be halal meat.
Question 4. Yes.
Question 5. Yes we have written confirmation.
Question 6. We do not hold that information but the slaughterer would hold these.


Mrs M Tumber
Finance Manager
Robinson College

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