Provision of augmentative and alternative communication devices

The request was successful.

Dear Sefton Primary Care Trust (PCT),

I am an academic researcher, attempting to assess the provision of augmentative and alternative communication devices by the NHS. Would you please send me details of augmentative and alternative communication devices supplied/purchased by your trust between 31st March 2006 and 1st April 2011. I would like the information broken down by both product name (So for example Dynavox Xpress, iPod touch with TapToTalk, BigMack) and by year. I would like information for both children and adults, but I don't require a breakdown by age.

I attempting to find out how many people who have poor or no speech have a speech aid, in particular electronic speech aids, and I would like to know how many have been supplied by the trust during the last five years.

Deven PCT have helpfully give examples on a previous request. The format they used was

4 X Digital Electronic Larynxes (Servox)
2 x Listen To Me
2 x Lightwriters
1 x Dynawrite
1 x Dynamo
1 x Falck Voice Amplifier
1 x Lions Speech Aid
1 x Go Talk
1 x Little Mack

9 x Digital Electronic Larynxes (Servox)
2 x Lightwriters
1 x mini Printer
2 x The Grid software
2 x Falck Voice Amplifiers
1 x Listen To Me
1 x Textphone
1 x Talking Symbols Notepad

and this would do nicely for me. Other excellent formats were provided by:
Bradford and Airedale Teaching PCT
Bromley PCT (
Bristol PCT (
and Central Lancashire PCT

Just to make the process more efficient for you guys - it would be great to clarify a couple of things at this stage - I am aware that some trusts make use of commissioning trusts to do the actual purchase of the devices; when I have contacted the commissioning trusts I've been often redirected back to the PCT because the paperwork for previous years have been stored at the PCT - this redirection must be causing additional work for both trusts in the long run and it would be great to avoid it (
is an example of the problem)

Also, and again to make life easier for you, I should point about that since this request is being made via - email addresses are stripped out of replies to protect your privacy (because the responses are all available to public view- if you are to redirect my request to another body then it's ideal to just give the name of the body rather than just an email address

Yours faithfully,

Dr Joseph Reddington

Georgina Blenkinsop,

Dear Sir


Please find below the answers to your Freedom of Information Request.


Kind Regards




Communication aids issued by Sefton CES


2006/07 -

1 x HP Palm Top Communication Aid - Say it Sam Software and charger

(purchased jointly by Sefton Council and Health)



5 x Lightwriters of these 2 have been recycled and reissued to a total of
3 clients, one has been reissued to a total of 2 clients and the others
have been issued only once.

1 x  Lightwriter printer

(Purchased by health)



1x Go Talk 4+

(Purchased by Sefton MBC)



1 x Liberator (purchased jointly by Sefton MBC and Health)

1 x Vantage Lite Communicator (Liberator) (Purchased by Sefton MBC)


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Dear Georgina Blenkinsop,

Awesome - can you give me the contact details of your line manager so I can write a proper thank you note? :)

Yours sincerely,


Georgina Blenkinsop,

Hi Joe

Its [email address]

Kind Regards


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