Provide a copy and restore video footage of Attorney General questions from 31st Jan 2019

The request was partially successful.

Colin Alvin Rimmer

Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,

The video footage from the Parliamentary questions raised in the House of Commons to the Attorney General of 31st Jan 2019 has been removed by the BBC.

Attempting to access the link to that particular video footage at the destination location:

just results in the following message being displayed :-

"Sorry, this episode is not currently available."

The BBC footage suddenly and dubiously disappeared just days later, and despite multiple attempts to access it since then, it is never available. Clearly this is NOT a temporary glitch.

Since this information is supposed to be in the public domain, please :-

1. Provide a link to the footage in MP4 format so that I may download it, peruse it, and retain sections of interest to me; particularly sections specific to the question raised by Sir Edward Swaine about Ecohouse and the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and Sir Robert Buckland's full response to it.

2. Kindly restore the footage at the specific link address mentioned above.

3. Clarify why the footage was removed.

4. Determine who gave the instruction to remove the footage and whether that instruction originated from a Government official.

Yours Faithfully,

Colin Alvin Rimmer MEng
Ecohouse Victims Pressure Group

FOI Enquiries, British Broadcasting Corporation

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Dear Colin Alvin Rimmer,


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FOI Enquiries, British Broadcasting Corporation

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Dear Colin Alvin Rimmer,


Please find attached our response to your request for information,
reference RFI2020747.


Yours sincerely,


Information Rights | BBC Legal

1st Floor, Wogan House, 99 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7NY


Colin Alvin Rimmer

Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,

I see no reason to remove the links to the video footage of information which is in the public domain. You clearly have the footage because you provided a link to it in your response. It shouldn't have to necessitate an FoI request to view the footage. You did not restore the link to the footage as requested, which is disappointing - I see no reason why that can't be the case.

You referred me to Hansard, who have the question posed by Sir Edward Swaine as :-

"If the SRA cannot and will not compensate the EcoHouse investors, it is ripe for reform, is it not?"

Hansard's record is INCORRECT because there is no mention of the word "If" at the start of Sir Edward Swaine's question. If you check the video footage from 10:41, you will witness that there is no utterance of the word "If". This might seem a little pedantic, however, without the word "If", the question becomes a statement. From my perspective, it was never Sir Edward Swaine's intention to assist the victims of the Ecohouse fraud in making this statement ; the purpose very much appears to be a veiled statement of intent by the Government in relation to tackling the SRA denial of compensation to victims of the Ecohouse fraud - i.e. the Government fully endorsed the SRA refusing a grant of compensation against a substantial £33m fraud in which the main protagonist of marketing misrepresentations, which resulted in financial loss to around 900 unsophisticated investors, was made by their former Tory Councillor for Dudley, Charles Fraser Macnamara.

There is information in the public domain that Charles Fraser Macnamara was disqualified for 9 years from acting as a director by the Insolvency Service due to his misrepresentations of the Ecohouse scheme and the major part he played in the Ecohouse fraud. He was also struck off the solicitor roll by the SRA at his 2nd disciplinary tribunal in Feb 2019, the SRA having failed to allege dishonesty against him or his solicitor accomplices at their earlier tribunal in Nov 2016. These facts are publicly available online.

When the Tory Government decides to act treacherously towards victims of a fraud committed entirely by SRA regulated solicitors, with one of the solicitors being a former Tory official, it is only reasonable for the public to be able to witness this treachery and failure by the Government to provide a "Duty of care" to its citizens, via the SRA, as is supposed to be in place under the auspices of the Legal Services Act 2007.

It is incumbent upon the Government to properly protect its citizens against fraud and money laundering (especially when perpetrated by crooked Tory officials past or present), but when the Government decides to abrogate its responsibility to protect its own citizens through its dysfunctional regulatory authority (the SRA), it is only reasonable that the public are able to witness the treachery and vote accordingly at local and national elections. The footage in the video clip and the response from Sir Robert Buckland illustrates how the Government is leaving victims of fraud "High and dry" (especially fraud perpetrated by legal professionals). This is precisely why the BBC should feel obligated to restore the link to the video footage in order to keep it in the public domain.

Just imagine what a ridiculous situation it would present if the live footage of Boris Johnson misleading Parliament was no longer available in the public domain via BBC web links or had been wiped altogether due to undue Government influence. That situation would be totally unacceptable. I don't see why any footage within Parliament should be removed entirely from view. It does not suggest the BBC acting in a fully transparent way.

I hope the BBC will see fit to restore the link to the video footage as requested originally.

Please also advise how the Hansard record of the statement from Sir Edward Swaine can be corrected so that it accurately denotes what was actually uttered in the video footage. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Colin Alvin Rimmer MEng
Ecohouse Victims Pressure Group