Protocols for the Engagement of Professional Service Providers

The request was successful.

Dear Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council,

Could you please supply me with information relating to your engagement of individual temporary or contract workers or consultants to fulfil a need for 'specialist professional services'?

Do you operate organisation-wide (procurement) protocols, to control the number of potential sources for the service provision?

Or are department heads free to consider candidates from any source?

Or are one-person needs always met from an internal pool of expertise?

Where the choice of external support is restricted by protocols, is it limited to:
a single local/regional temporary worker agency?
more than one local/regional temporary worker agency?
a nationwide temporary worker agency with a specialism in the required service?
a nationwide generalist temporary worker agency?
a managed service provider, a single point of enquiry covering a number of temporary worker agencies (e.g Comensura)?
Other? (please specify)

If the route dictated by protocol does not provide a suitable candidate, how, if at all, is the protocol relaxed to ensure the need is met in a timely manner?

Yours faithfully,

A J Bishop

Sandwell MBC, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Mr A J Bishop
Your request for information has been passed to an investigating officer.
Your reference is FS-Case-69699785
Thank you
Sandwell MBC

Neil Whitehouse, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

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