Property aspects of Buckingham Palace

Miss Koko made this Freedom of Information request to The Crown Estate

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The Crown Estate did not have the information requested.

Dear The Crown Estate,

From your website I was able to gather that Buckingham Palace is not the private property of the Queen but it is held in trust by the Crown. Before it's acquisition by King George III it was the private property of the Duke of Buckingham from what I understood, as it was bought from him.
My question is if before it was bought it was a private property, in what I assume fee simple, why is it technically not a private property anymore today? Why is it different from Balmoral Castle for example?

Yours faithfully,

Miss Koko

Enquiries, The Crown Estate

Thank you for your email which is receiving our attention. We will get
back to you with a response as soon as we can.


If your email is a request for information, it will be handled under the
Freedom of Information Act and we will aim to provide you with a response
as soon as possible, but at least within the 20 working days specified in
the Act.

Brazier, Martin, The Crown Estate

Dear Miss Koko


Thank you for your request for information related to the ownership status
of Buckingham Palace.


The Crown Estate has no role in the ownership, management or running of
Royal residences; Buckingham Palace is run by the Royal Household.
Consequently, I am afraid that we do not have any information to answer
your question.


If you are not satisfied with my response, you may complain or appeal our
decision, which will be investigated through an Internal Review. If you
are not content with the outcome of the Internal Review, you have the
right to refer your complaint directly to the Information Commissioner for
a decision. Please note that the Information Commissioner cannot make a
decision unless you have first exhausted our own complaints procedure.



Martin Brazier
Knowledge Manager


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Tel: +44 (0) 20 7851 5259
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