Promote Yellow Cards perusal on your daily Television appearances

The request was refused by Prime Minister's Office.

ANNA Frances (Account suspended)

Dear Prime Minister's Office,

We the people request that the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health daily advise the UK public when they are making their Television appearances of the Yellow Card Adverse Reactions to the experimental Covid19 vaccines -by verbally saying out loud the link to under the section Yellow Cards-Covid19 and to supply a link in their sub titles-ie actively encourage people to look at these Yellow Cards and if they do not -the UK public can ask the very obvious question WHY? Surely the Uk government wish the people to have al the facts re the actual effects of these vaccines -and if not Why Not?

Why would the UK government not want millions of people to see the actual facts ?
First Do No Harm. Informed consent is a legal requirement.

Secondly we the people request that the UK government cease from manipulating under 50s to get vaccinated asap by suggesting they cannot go on holiday with out being vaccinated. This is untrue as many countries are waiving discriminatory vaccine passports as vaccinated people still transmit-and a negative test is just as good proof to travel.People can select to travel to humane countries who do not seek to control people by manipulating them into having a vaccine.

We the people regard your comments to young people under 50s as extremely manipulative and they are Implicit Coercion which is against the Law,
The vaccine passport issue was debated in Parliament on 15th March amid many MPs wisely decrying the introduction of vaccine passports and supported in this by almost 300,00 of their constituents-citing the Human Rights act and the Nuremberg code.

Under 50s do not need to be vaccinated and as you know you have no definite proof that the experimental biological agents posing as vaccines that they do not affect fertility it is totally immoral to vaccinate people under 50s many of whom wish to have a family as this is potentially a mass sterilisation agenda and as the UK public are aware and is backed up by a recent FOI reply showing a letter stating the content of said meeting witht he UK government and Bill Gates -a known eugenicist who is on several social medias openly talking about his wish to depopulate the world had meetings with the Uk government on 18 May 2020 -there appears a very sinister link between the UK government the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and its wish to vaccinate the under 50s.
Yours faithfully

ANNA Frances

PublicCorrespondence Mailbox, Prime Minister's Office

Dear Anna Francesba,
Many thanks for your email of 18 March regarding Coronavirus vaccinations.

The science is clear. Vaccines save lives and are the most effective
public health intervention since clean water.

All vaccines go through a robust clinical trial process and are only
rolled out to patients once they have met the strict safety, effectiveness
and quality standards of the regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare
Healthcare Regulatory products Agency (MHRA). The NHS will provide advice
and information at every possible opportunity to support those receiving a
vaccine, and to anyone who has questions about the vaccination process.

Getting a vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and those around you
from Covid-19.

We want to see as many people as possible take up the offer of a vaccine.

False information about vaccines could cost lives, and the vaccines
minister, Nadhim Zahawi MP,  has said he is concerned about uptake within
some communities


The Counter-Disinformation Unit tackles disinformation and misinformation
relating to Covid, and works closely with social media platforms to
identify and remove incorrect claims, and to promote  authoritative


The vaccines minister has also published a vaccine uptake plan to make
sure all communities are reached, and continues to meet with faith leaders
and the Moral and Ethical Advisory Group to consider the best ways to
communicate vaccine benefits.

I hope you find this information useful.

Yours Sincerely,


Correspondence Officer

Public Correspondence

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