Project OASIS and Palantir Technologies

Currently waiting for a response from Ministry of Defence, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).


Dear Ministry of Defence,

I'm writing to you requesting information under the Freedom of Information act (2000) relating to the potential involvement of Palantir in the MoD (Jhub) initiative entitled Project OASIS, and of the specifics of the programs use and retention of patient data:

1) Which apps in total are being used to consolidate this patient data? as the ones currently listed indicate more third party apps were soon to be added, could use please list every app associated with this project?

2) Which data sets are the apps combining specifically, could you please list these.

3) Given that Palantir have undertaken previous work for the Ministry of Defence, have the company or members of its staff had any involvement in Project OASIS?

4) If yes, can you please specify the nature of this involvement?

5) Will Palantir systems or products be used in conjunction with Project OASIS? Either with or without the MoD acting as a data controller?

6) Will Palantir have access to this data via the NHSX COVID-19 response datastore?

7) Will Palantir systems and/or products be used by the upcoming National Cyber Force (NCF) when it is set up? If so, can you please specify the nature of Palantir involvement in this?

Yours faithfully,

Mr M Colbert