Prognosis Date guidance - Universal Credit Limited Capability.

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Please could you provide me with, or direct me to:

The guidance and training regarding Work Capability Assessments, and in particular regarding 'Prognosis Dates', provided to Universal Credit staff.

I require the guidance provided to Universal Credit staff in each of the following roles: (I am assuming each role has a different level of training).

1- Telephone enquiry/helpline staff.
2- Work Coaches.
3- Case Managers.

Please note that I am NOT requesting the ADM guidance, or any guidance provided to Decision Makers.

The background to this request is the increasing number of cases being seen by welfare advisors where Universal Credit staff are treating a Work Capability Assessment 'Prognosis Date' as if it were an 'Award End Date' and so refusing to apply LCW/LCWRA to Natural Migrations from ESA, and in one reported/documented case even removing the claimants existing UC LCW/LCWRA status when their Prognosis Date was reached.

These practices are against the law, a LCW/LCWRA award can only normally be removed by a decision made following a face-to-face Work Capability Assessment.

The 'Prognosis Date' is merely the date on which the assessor has advised the DWP that it would appropriate to carry out a new WCA, it is not an award end date.

As this situation is seen to be happening often, and all across the country, it would appear that there is something lacking (or misleading) in staff training.

Yours faithfully,

S. Gwilliam

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Dear S Gwilliam,

I am writing in response to your request for information, received 7

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Yours sincerely,

DWP Operations FOI Team

S. Gwilliam left an annotation ()

From the guidance provided I believe that I can now see what the problem is.
(How to get it corrected is another issue).

Each of the provided documents repeatedly refers to- "the end of a prognosis".

This of course is nonsense, a WCA prognosis is just the date when the claimant should next be reassessed, it is not a period that can have an 'end'.