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Mr M. B. Smith made this Freedom of Information request to General Council of the Bar
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Dear General Council of the Bar,

I understand that Bar Standards Board has responsibility for ensuring that proper standards are met by barristers, and that the BSB has the power to impose sanctions upon barristers who breach professional standards or are otherwise unfit to continue in their duties.

1. What range of sanctions can the BSB impose on persons whom it regulates?

2. When investigating allegations which could result in a sanction being imposed against an individual, what standard of proof does the BSB require?
(e.g. civil standard/balance of probabilities; criminal standard/beyond all reasonable doubt; other)

3. For the most recent year for which information is available:

a. How many people were subject to the BSB’s oversight during that year (i.e. how many people does it regulate)?

b. How many investigations were made or cases brought by the BSB against people it regulates during that year?

c. In how many cases during that year were sanctions imposed?

d. In how many cases during that year was it considered that a sanction would have been imposed had the standard of proof required been lower?

Thank you for your assistance.

Yours faithfully

Mr M. B. Smith

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