Process of Recording the Outcomes of Tribunal Appeals

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Sam from medConfidential

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

This request relates DWP’s process for handling of the judgments in successful appeals to tribunal of an ESA or PIP decision.

Please provide:

1) A copy of the policy and procedures that should currently be followed by DWP when adding to a claimant record the details of a tribunal judgment.
a) In particular, to narrow the scope of my request, I am only interest in the parts of documents that relate to recording any decision by the tribunal about instructions or recommendations for time periods in which (or dates before) the claimant should not be reassessed;

2) Any guidance for claimants about what information is available to the claimant to confirm how DWP recorded the decision of the tribunal; (a link to existing public advice can be an answer to this part)

3) A copy of the policy and process that DWP should follow when deciding to reassess an individual claimant, particularly how the reassessment decision should comply with the tribunal’s decision about reassessment covered in part 1;
a) If relevant, please provide the current training material for DWP staff for checking the details added in part 1 of this request

4) A copy of DWP processes for confirming the process in (3) has been followed, and a recent summary of reporting of how often that process has been followed correctly or otherwise.

If any part of this question do not exist, or would breach statutory limits on time/effort for discovery, please state what limit would be breached and answer as many parts of the question as can be answered within statutory limits.

If my request is unclear, or I can assist you in any way on clarifying this request, please let me know.

Yours faithfully,
Sam Smith

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