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Procedures regarding Complaints Lodged - A&E Crew behaviours

R Patton made this Freedom of Information request to Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

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Dear Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust,

I would appreciate if the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust can advise as to how and in what manner they deal with any complaints lodged with them, or via their Complaints Manager.

1. If a complaint is lodged regarding behaviours, of one of their A&E crews, for instance, an A&E ambulance parks diagonally across 2 parking bays used for an Emergency hospsital and also a very large cancer suite/unit used to drop off and pick up patients by both public and A&E ambulances.

2. Are your A&E ambulances permitted to bully/force a pick up car (for patient) to move completely out of the parking area and they in turn park across 2 bays, diagonally.

3. The A&E ambulance is supposedly transfering a patient from one hospital to another, which was arranged the prevcious day, and would therefore suggest that there was no emergency attached.

4. Would Welsh Ambulance Service use 2 Duty Performance Managers (Band 7) to transfer a patient, non-emergency, between hospitals, leave the night-shift for a Duty Performance Manager, in Emergency Ambulance Control unfilled for the night shift, due to the crew member shifting to a day shift to transfer a patient, but on DPM pay band?.

5. When a complaint is made to the Welsh Ambulance Service, what are the followed procedures. Is the crew interviewed by an Investigating Officer or Complaints Manager, if so, are notes or records taken of the interview or meeting with the crew involved?

6. What is the policy or consequences for staff or crew not wearing full uniform, for instances on occasion as above, no distinguishing epaulettes are worn to identify skills level of staff involved.

Yours faithfully,

R Patton

FOI AMB (Welsh Ambulance Service - Corporate Services), Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

Dear R Patton,

Your request for information has been received and will now be processed by the Trust.

Your reference is: 1718


Jeff Prescott

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Jeff Prescott (Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust - 020), Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

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Dear R. Patton,


Please find attached the response to your request under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000.




Jeff Prescott


Jeff Prescott

Gweinyddwr Trefn rheoli Corfforaethol/Corporate Governance Administrator

Ymddiriedolaeth GIG Gwasanaethau Ambiwlans Cymru/Welsh Ambulance Service
NHS Trust

Pencadlys yr Ymddiriedolaeth/ Trust Headquarters

Safle H M Stanley/ H M Stanley Site

LLanelwy/ St.Asaph

LL17 0RS

Ffon/Tel: 01745 532948 (Internal - 43948)

WHTN - 17143948

Ebost/Email: [1][email address]



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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are R Patton please sign in and let everyone know.

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