Prison Inspections and personality disorders

Joan Corrigan made this Freedom of Information request to Health and Social Care Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Health and Social Care Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority,

Please outline the following;

1. How many RQIA staff are devoted to prison inspections and how frequent are inspections to each of the 3 prisons?
2. What Personality Disorder training have all those RQIA staff ( who encounter mental health care) had, specifically by name of training, by whom (which body) and how many hours in total over the last 4 years.
3. Given that there are at present no Personality Disorder Specific treatments being provided to any significant number of prisoners with a PD in NI, despite 64% of male and 50% of female prisoners having a PD in prison, what is RQIA doing to inspect how the South East Trust is adequately addressing PD needs to the same level inside prison as those who have a PD outside prison. (There are 3 proven treatments for PD- DBT, Mentalization and Schema).
b) Are RQIA addressing and monitoring the experiences of those in prison who have a PD, to ensure their symptoms are not being exacerbated and their symptoms are not overlooked. Are prisoners questioned about their health care needs?
c) Is RQIA aware that there are no PD specific health care professionals working in any NI prison and how does RQIA feel that is acceptable?
d) What is RQIA doing about reports that those with a PD are not being adequately cared for
in relation to suicidality (common with PD)and solitary confinement given to those with a PD. How is PD safeguarding measured by RQIA?
4) What actions has RQIA taken in the past 2 years in relation to prisoners with a PD and their PD needs being neglected? What plans are in place to deal with this?

Yours faithfully,

Joan Corrigan

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Dear Ms Corrigan,
Please find attached a formal acknowledgement of your recent subject access request.


BSO Corporate Services

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Dear Ms Corrigan

Please find, attached, a response to your request for information.

Kind regards,
BSO Corporate Services

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