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will smith made this Freedom of Information request to Your Homes Newcastle

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Dear Your Homes Newcastle,

Under the freedom of information act i would like to request the following:

1 The amount of priority that have been issued between Jan 2008 and Dec 2010
2 The breakdown of the priority be homeless, medical nuisance neighbours
3 The amount of manament let's between jan 2008 and Dec 2010
4 The breakdown of the management let's be homeless work related
5 The amount of property's within the Newcastle boundary that are currently adapted for disability's
6 The amount of property's that have been adapted between jan 2008 and Dec 2010 including those that have had stair-lifts fitted
7 The complete policy and procedure including any changes with regards medical self assessment, please could this also include any standard operating procedure and risk assessments
8 The health and welfare teams main aims and objectives

Yours faithfully,

will smith

Dear Your Homes Newcastle,
It has been a month i was just wondering when you are going to respond

Yours faithfully,

will smith

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