Printing and hybrid mail services

Greta made this Freedom of Information request to Mendip District Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Mendip District Council did not have the information requested.

Dear Mendip District Council,

We are writing in connection to your Revs & Bens, electoral and hybrid mail services and would appreciate answers to the following questions:

1) Can you please confirm who undertakes these services for the Council
2) When was the contract(s) awarded
3) When does the contract(s) expire
4) What is the average annual spend against this contract(s)

Yours faithfully,


Sugg, Benjamin, Mendip District Council

Good afternoon

Please provide a full name, as without this your email does not constitute a valid request under the criteria set out in Section 8 of the Freedom of Information Act (2000).

Yours sincerely,

Ben Sugg
Technical & Administrative Officer (Information Governance) &
Group Manager Assistant, Law & Governance Services

Mendip District Council
Council Offices,
Cannards Grave Road,
Shepton Mallet

Web Address  
Customer Services 0300 303 8588
E-mail [email address]

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Dear Sugg, Benjamin,

My apologies, my full name is Ms Greta Marquez.

Yours sincerely,


Sugg, Benjamin, Mendip District Council

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  Cannards Grave Road, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 5BT

  Telephone:  0300 303 8588 Fax: 01749 344050

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My Ref 2019/165 Direct Line: 01749 341384
Please Reply to: Ben Sugg Ext: 384
e-mail [8][email address] Fax: 01749 341542



Dear Greta Marquez



               Printing & Hybrid Mail


I acknowledge your request for access to information under the Freedom of
Information Act (2000).


The Council will supply the requested information by the statutory
deadline of 2019-04-29, subject to any exemptions or exceptions that may


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries regarding
your request. Further information about your Information Rights can be
found on the Council's [9]website


Yours sincerely



Ben Sugg

Technical & Administrative Officer
(Information Governance)



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