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Dear Sirs

Please can you assist me through the Freedom of Information in providing the following information please:
1. Please state the number of printers currently within the organization, including a breakdown of number MFD´s, printers & photocopiers.
2. Please state the number of devices that are A3 compatible.
3. What percentage of your fleet is printed in colour vs mono?
4. In terms of usage, what is your monthly page volumes?
5. Who are the main manufacturers for the printers (hardware)?
6. Who is your preferred supplier for Hardware?
7. Who are the main supplier(s) of print consumables (Toner, spares, etc)?
8. What is the approximate spend on printers and consumables during the last year?
9. What Framework (if any) do you use for your print consumables (toners, inks)
10. What are the start and end dates for the managed print contract in your organization (if applicable to the MFD´s)?
11. Which procurement route or framework was used to procure this service?
12. The named person and their role in your organization in charge of the procurement for Print Hardware
13. The named person and their role in your organization in charge of any managed print contracts.
14. The named person and their role in your organization in charge of procurement for Print supplies (toner and ink)

Yours faithfully,

Chris Steele

Visitor-Engagement-Department, The National Gallery

Thank you for contacting the National Gallery.
We will aim to respond to all enquiries within ten working days.
If your enquiry is of an urgent nature, please call our Visitor Engagement
Department on +44 (0)20 7747 2885 for assistance.

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Smith, Nicholas, The National Gallery

Dear Chris Steele


Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000, which was received on 3 February 2020. We will start
looking into this for you and will be in touch within the 20 working day


Kind regards


Nicholas Smith


The National Gallery

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