Printer and Photocopier Service and Contract

Oscar Jr made this Freedom of Information request to West London Free School

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The request was successful.

Dear West London Free School,

-Who is your current supplier of Photocopiers/MFDs (Multi-Functional Devise)
-What year and month is the next hardware refresh due?
-What is the number of devices currently contracted?
-What is the name the brand and model of the devices mentioned and the spend for each product?
-Details on how these were procured. i.e. By Framework
i. Procurement method
ii. If Framework, please state which one.
-What is your annual print/copy volume and spend?
-Who is the person(s) within your organization responsible for the MFD's, print hardware, and supplies contract(s)? Please provide their title and their contact details.

Yours faithfully,

Oscar Jr

Stewart Keiller,


September 2023


Sharp MX4060NFK

Procured by tender

Annual spend £15K





Stewart Keiller

Operations Director

Knowledge Schools Trust


[email address]


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