Dear Breckland District Council,

Please can you assist me through the Freedom of Information in providing the following information please:

1. Please state the number of printers currently within the organization, including MFD´s & photocopiers.
2. What percentage of your fleet is in colour vs mono?
3. In terms of useage, what is your monthly page volumes?
4. Who are the main manufacturers for the printers (hardware)?
5. Who are the main supplier(s) of print consumables (Toner, spares, etc)?
6. What are the start and end dates for the print support contract(s) if applicable?
7. What is the approximate spend on printers and consumables during the last year?
8. What is the length of the MFD contract(s)?
9. What is the approximate spend on MFD’s and consumables during the last full year?
10. What are the start and end dates for the managed print contract in your organization (if applicable)?
11. Which procurement route or framework was used to procure this service?
12. The named person and their role in your organization is in charge of the procurement for printing and any managed print contracts.

Yours faithfully,

R Malhotra

CIP Team,

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Dear Mr Malhotra

Please find attached an acknowledgement of your recent request.

Kind regards

Diana Bowie
Statutory Information Officer
Breckland District Council

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Diana Bowie,

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Dear Mr Malhotra,


Further to your request for information from Breckland Council, please
find attached the Council’s response.


Please accept my apology for the significant delay which has affected our
response to you; I acknowledge that it is well beyond the statutory


Yours sincerley,


Diana Bowie

Statutory Information Officer

Breckland Council and South Holland Council

(Breckland): 01362656390

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