Dear Northamptonshire County Council,

I would like to request the following information under the Freedom of Information Act for the current admissions round for September 2015.

I understand that under the FOI act, I should receive a response from yourselves as to whether you are able to supply the requested information within 20 days.

I am only interested in data for the following schools within Kettering, however if you are only able to provide the data for all schools within northamptonshire, If this information is available for all schools in Northamptonshire then I'm happy to receive the information for all the schools without you needing to filter our these ones:

Hall Meadow Primary School
St Thomas More Catholic Primary School
Hawthorn Community Primary School
Greenfields Primary School
St Andrew's Church of England Primary School
Kettering Science Academy Primary Phase
St Edward's Catholic Primary School
St Mary's C of E Vol Aided Primary School
Park Infant School
Broughton Primary School
Pytchley Endowed Church of England Primary School
Grange Primary Academy
Millbrook Infant School

Equally, if any of this information is freely available on the northamptonshire website, please feel free to direct me to the relevant pages and I can extract the information myself.

Please can you provide information for the September 2015 Primary Admissions for each school as detailed below.

1) How many places were available at each school (PAN)?

2) How many places were offered for the September 2015 Primary school reception year intake?

3) How many places were filled at each school?

4) How many places were filled from first choice selections at each school?

5) How many children applying for a reception place did not receive their first preference choice?

6) How many appels have been received for the school year 2015-2016?, and if known, how many were successful?

7) How many applications/appeals are still under consideration for the school year 2015-2016?

8) The number of places offered at each school for pupils with a disability?

9) The number of places offered at each school for pupils with a SEN Status?

10) How many applications received from applicants not living within northamptonshire?

Yours faithfully,

Paul Richards

Freedom of Information,

Dear Mr Richards,

Freedom of Information Request: FR5765

I am writing to acknowledge your request for information dated 05/06/2015.

Our team is dealing with your request and we will be in contact with you soon. If you have any queries about this email, please contact me quoting the reference FR5765 in any future communications.

You should expect a further response within 20 working days.

Kind regards

Sarah Jobling
Senior Administrator
Freedom of Information/Data Protection Team
Business Intelligence and Performance Improvement
Northamptonshire County Council

Tel: 01604 368360
[email address]

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Alistair P Sloan left an annotation ()

The response to this request has been hidden due to the disclosure of a significant amount of personal data that ought not to have been disclosed.

WhatDoTheyKnow volunteer

Dear Northamptonshire County Council,

Thank you for your response. I requested to remove your response, and I am therefore requesting a replacement summary response excel file from yourselves due to the following reason:

* Council responded to request at 14:03
* At 20:45, I logged into review the response received - and observed personal data in the response relating to children.
* At 20:48, I asked in the mysociety chat room how to contact the team.
* At 20:54, I sent an email to [email address]
* At 21:05, responded stating that they have hidden the response. (nice response time)

The information you provided correctly summarised and answered the questions in the FOI for which I am grateful, however, the file that was given publically in the response had not had the raw data removed.

The response file contains the name, dob and address details of the entire admissions cohort - 1434 children, due to not removing the raw data from which the summary was generated.

Can you please supply a replacement response to this FOI that can be made publically available, without personal data?

Apart from that, I'm not really sure where to go from here and will be seeking advice from on how they normally handle accidental disclosures such as this.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Richards

Freedom of Information,

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Dear Mr Richards


Firstly, thank you for highlighting the raw data that was included in your
initial response.  We would like to convey our appreciation for taking
rapid, responsible and appropriate action in contacting what to they know
asking them to remove the data.


Corporately we are taking the appropriate steps in relation to this
request .  Please find the amended response attached.


Many Thanks

Kind Regards


Freedom of Information/Data Protection Team

Business Intelligence and Performance Improvement

Northamptonshire County Council

County Hall



Tel:01604 366653/368360

Fax: 01604 237004


[email address]

[email address]

**Monday is a non working day**




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