Prestwick police station

The request was successful.

Dear South Ayrshire

Can you provide a chronology of events relating to the current suggestions that Prestwick's police station may be purchased by south Ayrshire council then demolished.

Also, I would like answers to the following questions:

1) Where exactly is 'prestwick conservation area'? I require a drawing.
2) Was a private bid of c. £300k offered for this property? If so, why was it not accepted by the police?
3) Why has the property not been re-advertised on the open market?
4) Would a community buy out be considered?
5) As a visionary council, will south Ayrshire council develop the buildings and change their use, keeping the frontage as would be done in Glasgow or Edinburgh, employing the services of an architect with vision to create an aesthetically pleasing frontage on this prominent site.
6) Would the council consider a youth club for this site?
7) Has a decision already been made to demolish the buildings?
8) if demolished, will the council use this land for a charity shop or bookies?
9) Does the council agree the red stand stone frontage which looks better with age is worth keeping and looks better than modern roughcast which gets worse with age?
10) Would the council consider refurbishing the police building and re-house the library to this location?
11) Does the council agree there are better alternative locations for affordable housing? The council owns a vast amount of surplus land and properties which could be put to good use for this purpose before considering this site on the Main Street.
12) What is the current balance in pounds sterling of council owned property assets?
13) what is the current balance in pounds sterling of council reserves?
14) Has the council engaged in any dialogue with local residents, youth groups, community groups or the recent publicly funded prestwick charrette in order to establish public opinion and two way dialogue?
15) As the biggest employer in the area and the wealthiest, does the council agree it has the resources, knowledge and skills that need to be utilised in order to make visionary projects a reality?
16) What is the current status of the prestwick charrrette?
17) Is the council considering a bid of c. £100k for the site?
18) Is there a proposal being considered to sell the site for development as affordable housing?
19) Where else is being considered for affordable housing?
20) when is the next public meeting to discuss the site of prestwick police station?

Yours faithfully,

H. Burns

FOI,, South Ayrshire Council


Thank you for your e-mail requesting information regarding Prestwick police station. However, in order for us to comply with FOI and EIR legislation, it will be necessary for you to provide your full name.

I look forward to receiving your reply as soon as possible.

Many thanks.

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Dear FOI,,

Full name is Harriett Burns.

Yours sincerely,

H. Burns

FOI,, South Ayrshire Council

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FOI,, South Ayrshire Council

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I refer to your recent Freedom of Information request and now enclose the
Councils response.




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