Prescribing decisions being affected by commercial arrangements and press reports in the Daily Telegraph

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, NHS Havering Clinical Commissioning Group should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear NHS Havering Clinical Commissioning Group,

I would like for you to address the issue of prescribing decisions made by Mr Sanjay Patel and others who are responsible for your Pharmaceutical formulary.

Recently there has been significant press relating to a Pharmaceutical Company called Stirling Anglian. It is noted that Barking, Havering and Redbridge CCGs are amongst the highest prescribers nationally of this companies products.

It is also noted that documents to facilitate switches to this companies products are being circulated promotionally within the NHS as the way to switch patients' pharmaceutical treatments. As has been referenced in the recent disclosure of communications at NHS Rotherham CCG referencing Sanjay Patel's work in a clear NHS/Commercial capacity.

I would like for you to provide for me the following;

1) Did Sanjay Patel (or any of your other staff) attend the Advisory Boards in Baden Baden for Stirling Anglian?
2) Did Sanjay Patel provide approval or receive financial consideration for the aforementioned NHS Rotherham CCG documents to be used by Stirling Anglian as promotional items in a commercial arrangement?
3) Has Sanjay Patel received any monies or other benefits from Stirling Anglian, their employees or associates for works undertaken?
4) If so can you please provide details of amounts of money and or goods/services exchanged and on what terms this has occurred. Including whether permission for such activities was sought and/or granted by your CCG.
5) Are you confident that given the prescribing data within your CCG that Sanjay Patel has acted at all times in a fair, ethical, honest way which is obligatory given the role he has in charge of the public purse?
6) Can you please publish any and all communications between any of your prescribing team and Stirling Anglian that has given rise to the change in prescribing advice?
7) Can you please publish any and all communication between Sanjay Patel and Paul Jerram that may relate to any activities in the areas mentioned?
8) Has Sanjay Patel held, pursued or fulfilled any other commercial agreement or personal obligations which have resulted in prescribing advice and pharmaceutical switching taking place within your CCG?
9) Please publish details and any and all communications to and from Sanjay Patel relating to activities he has undertaken for and on behalf of pharmaceutical companies that may give rise to a reasonable suspicion of conflict of interests.

Yours faithfully,

Yours faithfully,

S Cook

Communications (5NA) NHS North East London and the City,

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