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U Ghosal made this Freedom of Information request to UK Border Agency

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Dear UK Border Agency,

Please could you provide the following information for purpose of transparency:

1. If it is not possible to get an appointment via website, is there an alternative way to book a premium appointment for ILR applications in urgent situations where the current visa is about to expire?

2. What are the rules behind premium appointment booking system? Viz.
a> how many appointments are booked per day in each application centre?
b> How does cancelled slots get reopened for booking and at what time does those slots become available?
c> How often and at what time of the day does new appointment slots get released for public?
b> What percentage of total appointments per day in each centre does get released for online booking?
e> any other rule that are of interest to public?

3. Based on the above rules and the UKBA IT system functionalities, what is the best time of a day when the chance to get a premium appointment slot, online, is the highest?

4. Does UKBA provide any facility that immigration solicitors can use to book premium appointments for a client, which is otherwise not available to common public via online appointment booking service?

5. The online appointment booking system (website) goes down (pages doesn't load) just after midnight every night. What happens during that time? What effect does it have on available appointment slots?

Yours faithfully,
U Ghosal

Freedom Of Information Team ( IND ), UK Border Agency

Dear U Ghosal

Re: Premium Appointment Booking Queries (128540)

Thank you for your recent e mail concerning the above matter. We are currently dealing with your enquiry and will respond shortly.

Kind Regards

FOI Team

Freedom Of Information Team ( IND ), UK Border Agency

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Dear U Ghosal

Please find attached the response to your below FOI request.

Kind regards

Kishore left an annotation ()

Its very useful information. Thank UKBA and Ghosal. I have been trying to get an appointment for past couple of weeks and started panicking. I want to apply for ILR in the last week of Jan-13. I am not sure I can say my case is emergency, however, I am not optimistic considering my experience over last couple of weeks. I do not want to spend £500 to solicitors for booking an appointment. It is really very frustrating experience booking a premium service appointment. Can someone suggest any options

U Ghosal left an annotation ()


I was able to secure an appointment in Jan and built up wisdom through the stressful process. You may find my unofficial tips / personal views useful.

1. Fresh appointments are released every midnight for the 42nd day from that day, which gets booked very quickly. For Jan appointment, you therefore now rely only on cancelled appointment slots, which was also my case.
2. I do not quite agree with UKBA's view that 6am is best time to try. Start trying from just before midnight. Go through the process of searching for a slot let's say at 11:58pm. Keep start and end dates blank. You would possibly get a 'unsuccessful' message. Open another browser session and perform the same with different centres. After you get the message, just keep pressing F5 again and again every few minutes to refresh & run the queries again. From midnight UKBA runs the slot allocation job. From then, the website goes down and it comes up intermittently for few seconds, until it comes up steadily at around 1am. During this time, you would get either a 'tech error' or server down message. Keep patience and keep refreshing the two sessions until after the website is steadily up. If you are lucky, you would see an available slot (i.e. if someone has cancelled a slot).
3. If you see an available slot, book it immediately without delay. You would need to fill Names and DoBs for every applicant. Keep this ready & type fast and submit. If you are unlucky, by the time you fill in the details, someone else would have taken it.
4. Do not worry if the available slot is not when you wanted it for. Just book it, because it is easier and quicker to reschedule than to make a fresh booking. You would be more likely to win the competition on speed if you are rescheduling.
5. Once you are able to secure a slot using above method (but date not as intended), from next night you can start your lottery play for rescheduling. If are unsuccessful, please cancel the appointment you are not going to use. You can cancel it online upto 3 working days before appointment date.
6. Note that it is much easier to get appointment for a single person than to get one with dependents included. In fact for one person, appointments are readily available. So you may have to think to go for premium appointment for you and apply by post for your dependents, if any.
7. I had a feeling that some cancellations appear around 11am every morning.

I hope this helps you and others. Good luck and happy new year to all. I am hoping now to get my ILR.

Kind regards,
U Ghosal

Naimeh left an annotation ()

Thank you very much for the useful info U Ghosal. It does sound that Im a bit late to book an appointment for early Feb now.


Naimeh left an annotation ()

Does anyone have any ideas if I can find a slot if I try to book an appointment on Saturday/Sunday?

Thank you,

jorge left an annotation ()

HI EVERYONE: One question. i book my appointment last week, but on the time the book was complete is a message siad: this a "technical error" but for my surprise few seconds later i receive two e-mail from home office confirm the appointment, this is correct?? mean i have the appointment ready? is any place where I can confirm i have the appointmen?? Thanks for any help

Naimeh left an annotation ()


I guess you can double check it with home office, call them and ask.


porky73 left an annotation ()


When you go reschedule, do you have to cancel your existing booking? I have a booking that is inconvenient but I would rather keep that than have no booking at all.

Also, is it possible to have two appointments to one user name?

U Ghosal left an annotation ()


No, if you don't get an rescheduled appointment, you don't lose your existing one.

U Ghosal left an annotation ()


No you cannot have more than one appointment in one userid.

Hannah Barnes left an annotation ()

Hi everyone,

I'm a BBC journalist looking into the Premium Appointment booking process. If you've got experience of this I'd be really keen to have a chat - in confidence.


Merry left an annotation ()

Hey everyone would really appreciate it if someone can help me out with this one, I am trying to book same day appointment at the office in Croydon under a Set(M) form, according to the form my legal partner who is already a British citizen must attend with me but when I tried booking it online it keeps showing me the number of people attending the appointment is 1 person...? Even though the appointment is for me he have to be there too but he is not applying cause he is already a citizen. the fact that it saying 1 person is attending the appointment when he needs to be there too??,, I don't get it?,, with it affect my application when I get there,, I mean they have to allow him in with me right,???

Graham George left an annotation ()

I would like to say THANK YOU to Peter Edwards
PEO Croydon

Well done sir, you have given us a better understanding of how the booking system works.

Graham George

Gaurav left an annotation ()

Ghosal, can you confirm how do i reschedule my appointment, as i cant see the reschedule option against it. I booked it last night

U Ghosal left an annotation ()

Hi Gaurav,

Not sure why you aren't able to see reschedule option. For me, once the appointment was booked, when I logged on , it was showing my appointment and a button to reschedule the slot.

Was your first appointment confirmed? Did you get a confirmation email?


Gaurav left an annotation ()

Hi Ujjal, yes i remember seeing it last night after i booked, however all day today its not showing , kind of disappeared, not sure why. Yes i got the confirmation email

U Ghosal left an annotation ()


The only reason I could think of is your appointment is within next three days time in which case you wouldn't be able to cancel online or reschedule. If you wish to cancel, you now would have to call customer care and start all over again.

Gaurav left an annotation ()

Thanks Ujjal, in which case, it is also not possible to reschedule online or reschedule at all, like on phone? Monday 1st April is a bank holiday in UK(their phone lines will be closed) and 2nd April is my appointment

U Ghosal left an annotation ()

Right. call early on 2-apr to cancel.

Gaurav left an annotation ()

thanks buddy. Lastly do you know the active helpline number? as the one i tried says not in service

Nikita Otto left an annotation ()

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding premium appointments. I made my booking for 16th April in early March of this year. It is now 10 days before my appointment, and I saw a note online about an appointment fee. When I made my appointmnet, the confirmation letter said nothing about having to pay an appointment fee of £100.00 by 3pm the next day. I am applying for ILR with form SET(O). The premium service fee is £1437,00, but did I have to pay an extra £100 on top of this? The UKBA site is down until 8th April, so can anybody help me?



Kar left an annotation ()

I dont think we have to pay £100 for appointment as SET(O) applicant as it has been included with the new fee total amount.

Access the link given below for more understanding.

Kar left an annotation ()

All, I need some clarification on listed below for ILR application. I got the premium service appointment for 20th May’13.

1. My daughter born in UK and having my home country passport currently. Is it ok to avoid applying ILR for her and directly apply for Citizenship as soon as we got the ILR?
2. If yes, how long Citizenship process may take to get the UK citizenship for my daughter? Actually I have a plan to travel on end of June and shouldn’t stuck because of this. Also my daughter has dependant visa currently valid till 12th dec’13. Will it be ok to ravel with that and come back by Aug’13 if UK citizenship for her didn’t come in a month time?
3. Also please confirm that we have to pay appointment fees £100 for SET(O) application after booking the appointment?

Gaurav left an annotation ()

Please can someone confirm if during the process of rescheduling the appointment gets automatically cancelled, or it wont you explicitly cancel it?

Nikita Otto left an annotation ()

I managed to get a hold of the office by phone, and found out that the £100.00 appointment fee is still applicable, and I had to pay that over the phone. I will be going in for my appointment on Tuesday, where I will have to pay the new fee of £1437.00 too. Thank you for your advice though.

Kar left an annotation ()

To Gaurav: Yes...once you rescheduled to new date the current one will get cancelled automatically.

Kar left an annotation ()

To Nikita Otto: I have called Home Office yesterday and they updated that £100 appointment fee need to be paid only for the booking which will be taken from next week.

Gaurav left an annotation ()

Nikita, i have a similar question. I just booked my appointment around 3 hours ago for 22 April. By when do i need to pay the 100 pound fee and how?(online/phone). Thanks

Gantry Steele left an annotation ()

FYI - the upfront payment of £100 for a premium appointment came into play for new premium bookings at PEO's from 6th April onwards. However, this forms part of the £375 premium appointment fee, NOT in addition. Basically, when you get your booking reference number (BRN) you have to pay the £100 by 15:00 on the next working day (or your appointment will be cancelled) Also, if you cancel within 5 days of your appointment date, you'll also lose your fee. You then pay the remaining £275 at your appointment (along with any other fees)You must take your receipt for the original £100 with you!

Nikita Otto left an annotation ()

Gaurav I paid mine over the phone, "To pay this fee, you must call our immigration enquiry bureau between 9:00 and 15:00 on 0870 606 7766."
Here are some details:

Nikita Otto left an annotation ()

I got a voice mail message this afternoon at 15:45 stating that due to industrial actions (striking) my appointment is cancelled. All the offices were closed by this time, so I couldn't call anyone to get information. My travel and hotel costs have all been paid for in advance, and now I shall lose everything! I think that one working day's notice is dreadfully irresponsible, and the fact that you can't get a hold of anyone is frustrating! Especially when I found out from the Union's website that the offices were warned about this weeks ago, and that it was confirmed over a week ago. What to do now? There are now appointment slots before my visa runs out!

Gaurav left an annotation ()

Nikita, keep trying every 15 mins, you will get a new one , getting an appointment now is not that difficult , try around 11 am , 4 pm, 5 pm , and between 11 pm and 1 am, these are the best times, good luck

Ajit Lamba left an annotation ()


Can someone tell me in what format the 100 pounds slot booking fee reciept is sent by UKBA and within how much time is this payment recipt sent to me as I will be paying on 15 April 9:00AM and my appointment is at 16 April 1:00 o clock.

Please give me reply as soon as possible.

Gaurav left an annotation ()

Can someone please tell me what all documentation to take to the appointment or share any link with the checklist. My appointment is 22 April in Croydon, thanks

Gaurav left an annotation ()

Is anyone else facing problems with the website today?

Kar left an annotation ()

Gaurav: Hope you have completed your appointment today successfully. Please share your experience/tips if something useful to others who are awaiting to attend.

caponata left an annotation ()

Hello everyone,

So happy I've found this discussion - I was getting frustrated because I couldnt book the appointment for 14 june (the answer: no appointments available") - only from here I found out that the appointment time slots appear 49 days before!

I have 2 questions:

- My visa expires 12 07 13. I read somewhere that the earlierst I can apply is 28 days before. Is it true? is it how you apply?

- If you have already received your visa, how long did it take to get your passport and visa back? The say 7 working days and I wonder if it is true. I I have to travel on 9 July and need to know if I can make it if I apply 14 June. I am applying for SET (M).

thanks a lot!!

Nikita Otto left an annotation ()

I got my ILR granted today! Thanks for the discussion folks! It helped clear up many issues for me!

caponata left an annotation ()

Congratulations, Nikita! How long did you have to wait after u submitted the documents?

Gaurav left an annotation ()

Kar- i had to reschedule my appointment due to my organisation internal policies, now its on friday 26/04. so i need some tips too

Nikita- congrats, can you share experience and helpful tips with all of us, thanks

Nikita Otto left an annotation ()

I paid for a premium appointment, so the whole process only took 2 hours! I applied for ILR through UK ancestry, so my experience will be a little different to some of you. But the number one piece of advice I can give is to go for the premium appointment, as the money spent is worth knowing straight away.

Also, preparation in key. I started gathering everything I would need almost a year before I applied- not because it was complicated at all, but because I knew the importance of what I was applying for, and wanted to be as prepared as I could possibly be.

Searching for appointments just after midnight is a good idea, as cancelled appointments get released then, and you can find ones for dates that were previously unavailable.

When making you appointment, you must phone the UKBA and immediately pay your appointment fee. The sooner the better, as you could possibly lose your appointment if you don't do this by 3pm the next day (I placed a link for this in a previous post).

Regarding bank statements: If you currently receive online statements, note that internet statements that are printed out will not be accepted as proof of finances, and neither will faxed statements from your bank. Even if you do get postal statements, my advice would be to get your bank to verify it's validity with a stamp. Barclays, for example, will let you print your statements for free in their bank, and will stamp it to show that all the transactions are verified.

Do your homework! As there are many categories when applying for ILR, you must be aware of all the documents needed for your application. My advice would be to look at the form SET (O) and to read section 11 which has a full checklist. If your appointment is some way away, regularly check the site for possible updates as policies change often on the UKBA website.

If paying for your premium appointment by postal order, remember to pay this within 6-8 WORKING DAYS (not including weekends). Some PEO's have payment forms specific to their office (such as Glasgow) so remember to look this up to see if you need this for your form of payment.
If paying by card for your premium appointment, the office will use the payment details you fill in on your form during your application, so make sure all the details are correct before handing it over. Also, notify your bank that a large debit payment will be made to the UKBA so that your payment does not get blocked due to anti-fraud policies.

A current letter from your employer stating what your current position is and that this position is valued in the company is a good idea. Mine established that I was valued and needed in my job stood me in good stead, as it also showcased my good work ethic. I also had acceptance letters to university which showed my determination to stay in the UK.

My last piece of advice would be to take a book to your appointment! No phones are allowed to be switched on, so be prepared to read the waiting time away. Also, keep in mind that security is strict, so no sharp objects etc can be taken into the building. It's best to leave these at home (tweezers included).

Feel free to ask any questions, as I can't seem to think of anything else right now. Hope this helps!

Gaurav left an annotation ()

Hello all, i cleared my appointment on friday 26/04 and my application was approved. Thanks for all your guidance, i will share some things which might help for all of you looking forward to it.

1. Aim for arriving an hour before if using public transport, although if you arrive more than 30 mins prior to your appointment, they will ask you to wait outside, but i guess there is no harm rather than arriving late and missing your appointment.
2. Dont take any sharp objects. If you smoke, they will keep your lighter with them which you can collect later on
3. Dress appropriately and nicely, you are your own image and you carry it with you, first impression always works. You are likely to have an edge when asked questions by them, or when trying to explain or convince them with something, if you are well suited and booted.
4. On arriving, the first thing at the entrance they will ask for is your passport and printout of appointment confirmation, make sure you take it with you
5. After security checks, you will be asked to wait, until someone will call you , take your initial details/documents, ask you a few questions and then give a feedback form for you to fill. They will ask you a number which they can contact you on, give yoru mobile number and make sure you are always reachable, atleast on that day. Lastly, they will take your signature on terms and conditions, make sure you read them properly. Once done they will ask you again to wait until someone calls you for biometrics
6. Once called, someone will escort you to get your biometrics taken, ask a few routine questions and thats pretty much it.
7. Once its done, they will ask you to leave the centre and come back once called, in the next 3 or so hours, make sure the number you give is correct and you can reached on. This is the time which might be a little difficult to pass, so you could carry a book or something. They say 3 hours but if lucky you might get a call from them earlier, and they will ask you to come back to the centre.
8. Then once you are back, someone will call you at the counter and tell you if your application was approved or rejected. If approved, they will return your passport, bank statements, salary slips and a receipt of payment, along with a letter from them stating that the application has been approved and the BRP card will be posted to your correspondence address in 7 working days. Any letter that you carried which was addressed to them will be kept by them for records, and of course your old BRP card will be retained by them and destroyed
9. That is pretty much it. Make sure you comply with their conditions on bank statements, payslips etc and provide enough evidence as needed, it will make sure your application gets approved
10. Carry a spare blank form and backups, just in case, i did. Not mandatory but no harm. Make sure your photo is not too dark or bright. You can get one clicked at Timpsons, they do professional photos for visa and do it quite right. I tried getting them in self service photo booth, but they came quite dark and had to discard them, so loss of money basically

Most important, be yourself, calm and composed and pray to god all goes well(NA if you are an atheist lol, in which believe in yourself)

Cant think of anything else, so good luck to all of you who have an appointment planned in the future, any queries, fire them through

Gaurav left an annotation ()

*forgot to mention, read the form properly and then fill it. Spend some time on it, will be worth. Specially around which category you are applying, your total leave to remain, qualifying english language test etc. Good luck

Kar left an annotation ()

Thanks Nikita & Gaurav for the valuabble information.

sowmya left an annotation ()

Hi, I have my premium service appointment on the 8th of may HSMP tier 1 general. I booked the apooinmtnet and got confirmation on the same day 27th march 2013. Now I came accross the 100 pound appointment fee. I checked online and my application is still active, Can anyone advice me as to should I pay the application fee or NO? I tried calling them now but office is currently closed, Kindly help me, Thanks

Gaurav left an annotation ()

Sowmya, in a usual scenario, if you didnt pay the fees by 28th March 3 pm, your appointment would have got cancelled. The reason it didnt, because the 100 pounnd advance booking policy was only implemented in April. So i assume you can pay the whole amount on the day itself. Just to double check, did you get any email on your registered id saying "appointment cancelled"? Also would be wise to call them tuesday morning and cross check, as worse case if the appointment is cancelled, you will have 1 days to search for 8 May appointment again. A lot of people release appointments for the next day so you can be lucky to get a 8 May appointment if you try properly on 7 May. But as i said, in your case, looks all good, just double check with them and your email. Cheers

sowmya left an annotation ()

Gaurav thanks a lot.. i Wooo double check on tuesday... Nd wil update too... :-)

Abdelrahman left an annotation ()

I am trying to book premium appointment online for my daughter as Tier 4 dependent(she is 4 months old and born here in UK) but I dont find the option of T4 dependent in the list of services ,she is dependent on me and I have T4 study visa ,any one know what option should I choose?

LIKEZO left an annotation ()

Please kindly advise. I have been trying to book appointment for myself and two dependents (Set O / ILR). I need to book before 29 th May 2013. On line bookings are all filled up at every centre. Hope to get an appointment thru cancelled appointments. I also have a daughter and son above 18 applying as singles. Am a work permit holder. The process is stressing me up as am unable to book appointment.

Gaurav left an annotation ()

Abdel- Sorry not sure about your query, hope someone else answers it asap, if not try calling the helpline or google your query and keep researching

Christine- You have a lot of time still, dont panic. I dont think anyone else would have had as much experience as i do lol. Tips that would help-

1. Try throughout the day as you never know when you get lucky but particularly around 11 am, 4-5 pm, 7-8 pm, 10:45 pm- 1 am, as these are the highest probability times for you to get a cancelled/released appointment

2. You would have to be patient and keep refreshing every 15 mins for an entire day, i know not easy given one's other commitments, but you have to give this priority

3. Grab whatever appointment you see available, even if not 29 May. As you are likely to win the race while rescheduling rather than searching for a fresh one. Once booked, then start rescheduling and searching, dont select any dates, just select 3 centres and juggle across to search everytime

4. Appointments for 29 May will start getting released 2-3 days prior, i.e around 26-28 May, as some people usually cancel/reschedule last min due to several reasons(unable to arrange documents etc)

5. Last but not the least, dont give up and keep trying. Its a patient job

All the best and feel free to post more queries


Kunjan Parmar left an annotation ()

Dear All,

If anyone can please help me in this matter...

I had booked an appointment for myself and my partner's visa on 5th June 2013 at Croydon Office, UK.

On Monday i received an email from Croydon office that due to some technical difficulty they had reschedule my appointment on 28th May 2013 which is too early for me as needed to arrange my bank statement and all other stuff.

I have replied them that it is not suitable for me repeatadly but I am not receiving any reply and all other dates are going booked as well so, technically I can not wait for their reply to as I need to have an appointment in June to renew my visa.

Please guide me in this please...


Nikita Otto left an annotation ()

How are you contacting them? You should phone the office directly if there is an issue.

As far as bank statements go, you can go to your bank and ask them to print one for you in the office, and stamp it to verify it. This process takes less than 2 minutes. If you're with Barclays, they should have a teller in the bank that you can do this by yourself, and then just go to the counter to get it stamped.

The same thing had happened to me: I had my appointment cancelled due to striking, and got the number of the PEO where my appointment was meant to be and arranged a different date that would suit me, as the alternative they supplied me with did not suit.

Sangeetha left an annotation ()

Please help me with this.

I need to extend my dependent visa which is FLR(M). But while booking the premium servise instead of choosing FLR(M) I choosed SET(M) as my service. Is there a way to change the service because my visa ends 14th July? or can I attend the appointment with the same appointment date? Please help.


kris left an annotation ()

Hi all, I booked an appointment for premium service and paid the deposit of £100 by calling the contact center. When can I expect the payment confirmation mail as I need to carry proof of payment to the appointment slot. Cheers, Kris

Dani left an annotation ()

Hi all
Please helpme out

I booked my appointment for 28 sept I receive email from ukba that ur appointment is confirm but u need to pay 100£
But I don't know where I to pay ?? I can't find any link or contact centre number that I ring any pay I booked for Liverpool centre
Please help me out


Anokhee left an annotation ()

Hi there,

Quick question regarding the PEO Appointment booking for a SET (M) visa. While booking my appointment I used my first name and family name to book it, and did not use my middle name for the booking. i tried to change this on the website, but there was no way to do it.

Is this likely to be a problem getting into my appointment? Please reply ASAP as my appointment is on 20.08.13.


faruk left an annotation ()

hello everyone,
can anyone please tell me about their experience about their visa switch from TIER(4) general to FLR(M)..
i have got an appointment next month and i am working here as i have permission to work 20hrs per week. can you please tell me your experience about what happened to you?

Rina left an annotation ()

I'm trying to book my appointment online, but i cannot open the link. It gives me an error, 'Error 404 - Not Found The server has not found anything matching the Request-URI. No indication is given of whether the condition is temporary or permanent.'
Am i using the correct link? or is it just bad timing of the day? or maybe it is actually not working at the moment.
this is the link i'm using:

My visa expires on 2nd October, so i need to make the appointment asap.
I will be very thankful if anyone can help.

faruk left an annotation ()

hey RINA,
that's the right link your using, just refresh the page and account log in page will come up itself.

Pragnesh Patel left an annotation ()

When booking for PEO through UKBA website it ask for "Given Name" as per passport. not in my passport there is Given Names which contains FirstName + MiddleName
Do i have to write full name as ( First + middle name) while booking the application?

cc08 left an annotation ()

I would like to ask whether completing an online form and booking an appointment would count as 'submitted application'? Or is that only on the actual day of the appointment itself? Also I would like to know if rescheduling is only allowed once?
Thank you.

B left an annotation ()

I am trying to book an appointment online but the website is not giving me the option to pay the £100 bookign fee, I have to pay the full amount £1426 for a premium appointment up front. Has any one else experienced this? What am I doing wrong?



Pragnesh Patel left an annotation ()

Yes B,
Now you have to pay fill fee according to ukba news below

Nikki left an annotation ()

Hello, does anyone know if the Glasgow office is now accepting applications that rely on self employed earnings. I know before they were not, but now there is no info on this atall. Perhaps they are now providing this facility. Glasgow is our nearest office, but do not want to book and get there only to realise they do not accept that type of application.

Also, does anyone know if accounts must be verified by an accountant and included in the application? Or will 2 years tax returns suffice? Our application is for FLR(M).

Thanks in advance.

Divya left an annotation ()

Can anyone please help? My visa expires on the 4th do December so I need to get an appointment between 4th November and 4th December. However, there are no appointments in that time frame! There are slots available before that and when I called up they said they release slots 6 weeks in advance. Is that true???

Rose left an annotation ()

I am also looking to apply for ILR as ours expires 4th Dec.. also couldn't find any bookings for Nov till Dec but have seen there is a lot available for the next month from today.. perhaps we now only book for a month in advance as I can't see any appointments further than a month from now? Any help would be great!! Hopefully there aren't too many more changes before we apply!

S M left an annotation ()


I have been granted a Tier 4 visa recently and am waiting for my BRP. But I need to make a new Tier 4 application under a new sponsor.
Can I amend the online form after I make an appointment?
Or do I have to wait until I receive the BRP, and fill this information on the online form before I even attempt to get an appointment?

Please please Help! If I am too late, I will not be able to register at my Uni.

- S M

ma wife left an annotation ()

I want to find out my visa has run out and i av four British kidsand their dad is also British i want to apply as a partner and a parenti want to apply under (flro) can i go for premium service since my visa jas run out.thanks

uzo left an annotation ()

My visa expires tomorrow, came into this country because my Son had a heart condition. Since june till date he is still at the hospital.been trying to book for a premium appointment but my transaction for payment hasnt gone says declined.contacted my bank but they say i have to split the payment in 2. The total fee i am to pay because my family is here is 3777.thats inclusive of appointment fee. My son had 2 surgeries and i and my family has been goin through stress. We are private patient and now we are applying with d FLRO form. Please how do i go about this application. As Uk boarder has to be notified of our visas tgat are epiring tomorrow.let me mention that the visas we have is a tourist visa. Please i need an answer urgently

U Ghosal left an annotation ()

Dear Uzo sir, you aren't going to get a response by tomorrow. Pls call home office 0870 606 7766

Yogi left an annotation ()


Can someone please help me with my issue.

I am on 2 years of Spouse Visa which will expire on 04 April 2014. I have been told I need to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain before that.

I have recently booked my Life in UK test which I think I would pass this month. I have done my MSc from a recognized UK University and I hope I do not need to give any English Language test.

I just wanted to ask which form do I need to fill and how early can I apply for the Indefinite Leave to Remain. I will definite go for Premium Service Appointment as it is quick.

Also I wanted to ask if I book my appointment in March then Am I allowed to Travel abroad(India) in February.

Many thanks


Adil left an annotation ()

Dear Friends

I applied for ILR (PEO) last week, after my biometric the case worker said that, she has problem with my immigration history can anyone tell me when or how long they will take time to decide on my application please.

kind regards

jo left an annotation ()

Hi guys,

I am due for my ILR application. i want to go for premium appintment, does anyone have the link to the site for booking the appointment please.

Many thanks,

Nikita Otto left an annotation ()

The website will be unavailable until 4pm today (29/03)due to site maintenance. Here is the overall site where you can click the link to book the appointment:

peter left an annotation ()

Hello everyone,my spouse visa expires on the 31st of july 2014 and have been trying to book my premium appointment for a same day service but the problem is everytime i try to book it say "there are no appointment slots available for the time i have chosen" which is the second week in july.Can someone please help me?? Why cant i have any available slot please??..I am worried and confused need to book ahead so could get the week off from work.Looking forward to your feedback guys...Thanks.

U Ghosal left an annotation ()


Far difficult to get a slot for family than for one person. Try using my tips above.

Top tip: try using brower macros that can pre-record some of the steps of data entry that you could run on regular basis at slot opening times, to beat competition.

Good luck.

Sam left an annotation ()

Hi, My visa is due to renew in 1st week of October and I have been trying to get an appointment for September , however the dates that come up are for either next week i.e. July or end of July. Any advise on how I shall proceed with the booking as my documentation is all complete and I do not want to you a lawyer who will only charge me extra money for the appointment date. I have been up for the last 40 mins at mid night trying to check for any possible dates.

peter left an annotation ()

Hello guys,my indefinite leave to remain appointment is due for 9th of july at thw croydon PEO office london.But the problem is lately we received a letter from the HRMC that my wife has been overpaid as regards child and working tax credits she claims.Would be glad to know if this could affect my application????,and also she has decided to stop the claim and already started repaying the money.I need some help please.

nat left an annotation ()

Hi,I want to make Premium Appointmant Booking online, but when I click the website which always shows error "the web page is unavailable. Does anyone have the same problem? Can I make appointment by phone please? Thank you!

peter left an annotation ()

Hi nat,all you need is to visit and look for the premium appointment website page/link,signup and then book your appointment.However,you could only see dates for the next six weeks i.e btw 1st of july to the 2nd week in august. Goodluck.

jayp left an annotation ()

Hi..I had booked my appointment for my baby uk dependent visa last friday.but since I hadn't brought my baby's tb test report I was given back my application. The female told to reschedule.but I am unable to reschedule the appointment in website. I need to have appointment this Friday. Please help me . It's only myself alone much afraid . Please help me.i tried logging but there's no update appointment icon . Please help me

peter left an annotation ()

Hi jayp you can reschedule your appointment via your account page online its very easy with no hassle.If not try to contact home office via telephone ASAP.Goodluck.

jayp left an annotation ()

I contacted ukba they said its technical issues.i tried going to my account page..but there's no rescheduling options in my account
Can I walk in directly. Please help me

peter left an annotation ()

When did u book the appointment for?.i think you can reschedule only if its a week to the appointment day or so im not sure.Call this home office number please 03001232241 as they might be able to offer an assistance.Goodluck.

kit left an annotation ()

Hi, I want to book an appointment for ILR mid august.
The category drop-down list does not show ILR as an option. Will this show up automatically when there are slots available? In which case is midnight still the preferred time to scout for appointments?

Mrs Lindeman left an annotation ()

Would be very grateful if anyone could help with the followings:

- My FLRM application has been pending since January, due to the financial requirement was not met at that date. Now after 6 months I have met the financial requirement, can I make a fresh application with Premium services without having to withdraw current application?

- If I have to withdraw the current application, how can I make sure that during that transit time (cancelling current application & making a new application) I continue to have the right to stay and eligibility to work in the UK (as I am currently having whilst waiting for the outcome of the application?)

Or maybe do I have to secure an appointment with Premium services first, then cancelling the current application?

Thank you very much!

jayp left an annotation ()

I would like to add my experience. I was very frustrated with how to get an appointment to vfs.i mailed to chennai British high commission and explained the problem. I first didn't believe whether they will reply or not . But I should say they are very client friendly and replied me soon and yesterday I successfully submitted my application.thanks to chennai vfs

joeyd1230 left an annotation ()

Quick question: is there a fee for rescheduling an in-person appointment or does my entire payment carry over?

Mrs Lindeman left an annotation ()

I think there is no rescheduling fee, but not sure. Can anyone have experience before share?

Emma left an annotation ()

I have a PEO appointment with full pay for Tuesday 29th July but now attempting to re-schedule for Monday 28th July. My attempt to do so is not recognising the fact that I have already paid the required £2,007 application fee and it is prompting me to pay another fee.

Can anyone help advise how to re-schedule an existing appointment without having to pay twice.

Emmad§ left an annotation ()

If I apply for premium appointment today, what date i will get the appointment for sure??

natasha left an annotation ()


My visa expires on 27th of November and I will be applying for ILR Set (M)
Any suggestions when I should start looking for same day appointments and what date would be the best keeping in mind the expiry date for my visa.
One more issue that is not clear is the English language test, which in my case is Ielts.Can I take Ielts General or does it have to be academic?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


peter left an annotation ()

The english language is B1 esol listening and speaking grade 5.goodluck.

Doc left an annotation ()

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to book a premium appointment for ILR through the long residence (10 year route). I need to select an appropriate form. However, the drop-down list does not appear to contain the form I feel I should complete. The drop-down list comprises the following: CR1; CR2; CR3; CR4; CR5; EEA1; FLR(AF); FLR(FP); FLR(M); FLR(O); NTL; PBS Dependant (Tiers 1, 2 and 5 paper form); SET(AF); SET(F); SET(M); SET(O); Tier 1(General); Tier 2 Migrant paper form; Tier 5 Migrant paper form; TOC.

The information on the Home Office website reads as follows: “To apply for indefinite leave to remain (settlement) in the UK under the 10 year long residence rules, use the SET (LR) form instead.”

However, SET (LR) form does not appear in the drop-down list. Can anyone please kindly advice me further on which form I need to use?

Secondly, my spouse will also be attending the appointment with me and applying as my dependant as she has not qualified for her ILR yet. Which form does she need to complete?

Gigi left an annotation ()

Hi Guys,

I've recently had my visa approved (Leave to remain) through the premium service but they kept a number of very important original documents. Did anyone else experience this or know if they get returned or if it can be requested?? I've called the number but just got voice prompts, I didn't get to speak to anyone. Any suggestions?? Thanks so much

abdellatif left an annotation ()

Hi everyone
i would like to know when i can book for a premuim appointment ?is it befor or after i finnish my 2 years in the uk.?
does my wife have to attend the appointment with me in croydon or not?

Kumar left an annotation ()

Hi all,

Please help me out, I have got my ILR in my old passport, Due to i am travelling in July, I wanted to get that transferred to my new passport. I have paid and book a premium appointment costing me £660 for NTL application.

Now i am reading about paying for Immigration Health Surcharge. Whats that all about??? Do i have to pay this aswell?? Does this apply to me??

And When i go to my premium appointment, do i have to pay any extra fo the BRP service there??

Just wanna get properly explain how this all work in my situation.

Pls help.

Kind regards

Milan left an annotation ()

I'm trying for premium appointment however all the centres and all timings are unavailable for October 2015, any advise on how to secure a premium appointment?

U Ghosal left an annotation ()


Have you tried my 7 tips I originally posted? It may have changed since then but worth a try. Try a macro on a web browser to automate some of the form filling process once you see an available slot. In my case I saw appointments available few times but byvthe time I filled all info, it was gone. Macro definitely gives a better chance.

UKBA releases less slots for joint (family) appointments than they do for an individual. In worst case, book individually.

All the best

U Ghosal left an annotation ()

You wont get appointment in October anyway, because appointments are released every day only for the 42nd day ahead, as far as I remember. Check my older posts.

Ma left an annotation ()

Hi. I've just booked my appointment for a premium service online. I already paid £1900 for the application and the premium service fee. On the category dropbox I initially chose Tier 1 (General) and when I realised this I unticked it andchose Tier 2 as that is what I am applying for. However, when I was reading my payment slip it still says Tier 1 (General). Is there a way to change this online or do I have to call the number on the payment slip? Thank you.

EKennedy left an annotation ()

Hi there,
I am trying to book an appointment for next month (Mid May) and from the 29th April there are no appoointments whatesoever. There are plenty before the 29th although that is more than 28 days before my visa expires. Could someone please tell me why none of the premium centres have any availble slots after 29th April?
Many thanks

Bernadette left an annotation ()

Please I need help

I am almost loosing my mind.i booked an appointment for the premier service and some how select wrong tier .i paid for the wrong tier.what should I do?cancel everything or turn up and top up the difference

Harmandeep Singh left an annotation ()

You can call on helpline : 03011232241

Bernadette left an annotation ()

I choose the wrong tier ,and was advised to cancel when am I likely to get the refund

Bernadette left an annotation ()

Thanks I rang the number and was advised to wondering how long it will take to get the refund

Gio left an annotation ()

Hi, I want to apply for a tier 4 student visa at a premium visa centre. What are the chances to get an appointment (single person) sometime within 7 days? Thanks.

Norelle left an annotation ()

Hi Everyone!

I am trying to book an appointment for my EEA(QP) application but the system says, 'We do not have any appointments in the next 42 days at your selected location.'

What does it mean? Shall I keep trying every day to see if a slot is available?

Thank you for your help!

Premium appointment UKVI left an annotation ()

Hello all,

I'm moving to the UK (to work at a university) and premium appointments are the only option for me because I have a deadline for the start date which is close. I read all the comments and and was really frustrated refreshing the appointments page all the day waiting for new appointments to be released and for an appointment to be cancelled.
As a computer engineer I felt stupid refreshing the page all day and thought that maybe I could write a program which would do that instead of me. I examined the web page and was able to write a program which warns me when appointments become available. It works. I got immediately notified at 9 AM the next morning when new appointments became released. I got an appointment 42 days ahead. An hour later all appointment were taken.
I let the program work to detect a possible cancellation. It detected a cancellation for tomorrow (not suitable), releasing of new appointments on the next day at 12 AM and finally a cancelled appointment just 25 days ahead. I rescheduled.
I you are as desperate as I was I would like to offer you my services. Contact me with mail to
Please note that I can not provide you appointments, but the information when appointments are available.

Hrvoje left an annotation ()

Thank you, Premium appointment UKVI, for your support!
With your help I was able to reschedule my appointment 2 week upfront! You saved me a lot of time and money.
I strongly recommend you to other readers of this thread!

Avni Pindoriya left an annotation ()

Hello there

I am planning for my visa extension on FLR(M) via premium services.
I have some questions about it

Do I have to apply online for my visa application or I can fill-up the pepper form and take that with me on the day of my appointment at premium service centre.

Do I have to feel-up the payment details page even if I have paid all the charges while booking my appointment or can I leave it blank.
If anyone can help me with these things it would be a great help
Thank you

Premium appointment UKVI left an annotation ()

Hi Avni Pindoriya,

I can help you with your second question.

> Do I have to feel-up the payment details page even if I have paid all the charges while booking my appointment or can I leave it blank.
I did not apply for FLR(M), but had a premium service appointment. I left the payment details blank on my application form. I did not want my bank details to lay somewhere around. BUT, you need to bring the payment confirmation from the booking of the premium service appointment to confirm that you paid.

Kind regards

Pedja left an annotation ()

Premium appointment UKVI, thank you so much!
I strongly recommend Premium appointment UKVI's service to everyone who needs a premium service center booking quickly. With the service I was able to reschedule my appointment and save 4 weeks. I initially booked an appointment for the 18th of September, but using the service I was able to re-book for the 22nd of August. This has not only saved me time, but also a lot of nerves. Again, thank you very much.

SAAJ left an annotation ()

Hello dear,

So as per my understanding of this home office reply,

Cancelled slots never get relisted?

This is so disappointing..

Premium appointment UKVI left an annotation ()

Dear SAAJ,

I do not know how you came to that conclusion.
Cancelled appointments become visible on the booking site and can be book like any other appointment. They are difficult to catch since cancellations are not frequent and dozens of people are checking for available appointments all the time.
Contact me if you need help to get one.

Kind regards.

Premium appointment UKVI left an annotation ()

I saw 7 appointments today in 2 PEOs within this month.
Maybe they are not cancelled, but called somewhat else. The fact is that they occur.

SAAJ left an annotation ()

That is awesome if they do relist or they are getting relisted already.

I was just answering in my last to your previous question that where did I get the idea that they never gets relisted.

It is good that they are.

Paula left an annotation ()

Hello there!

I’d like to know if someone can help me by giving me any information about how can I book an appointment in the Croydon Premium Service for a Saturday?

I’ve been online every day at midnight trying to reschedule my appointment to a Saturday but only appears week days from Monday to Friday.

Anyone can help me?

jojo left an annotation ()

Hello everyone, please can anyone explain to me the whole process of booking the premium service as am due in march of 2018, thank you

Premium appointment UKVI left an annotation ()

Hi jojo,

The exact process depends on what you are applying for, some bookings require additional information depending on what you are applying for.
Go to the booking page from There are several steps: 1. select application type, 2. fill in your personal details, 3. select appointment and pay, 4. print confimation.
Step 3 is the problem as all appointments within the next 6 weeks might be booked. In step 3 there are 3 pages: 3.1. Select center, 3.2. Select appointment and 3.3. pay.
You should try to get an appointment these days. They appear shortly after midnight or between 10 and 11 AM (especially on Mondays).
What happens on the day of the appintment you can read at

Naziha left an annotation ()

Hi, can anyone help me please. I'm looking for appointement in liverpool premieum service , but can't never book .I always receive the same reply, no appointements available for 45 days . My date limit is 06/04 and I can't find appointement. Can anyone tell me how can I do and when can I book .

Premium appointment UKVI left an annotation ()

Hi Naziha,

You can find useful information here
You still have time, try after midnight.


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