Jason Nutting made this Freedom of Information request to North East Lincolnshire Council

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The request was refused by North East Lincolnshire Council.

Dear North East Lincolnshire Council,

I am one of a growing number of cyclists within the NE Lincs area, using our cycles to commute to work and save fuel costs in these austere times, and also using it for pleasure/health benefits, enjoying some of the fantastic scenery that we have virtually on our doorstep.

The traffic on our roads is somewhat of a concern, but I realise there is little you can do about this. However, the state of disrepair to many of the routes that I travel on a regular/daily basis IS something that you can assist with.

As you will be aware, in the Grimsby Telegraph today (03/10/2013) there is a story of how a fellow cyclist died when hitting a pothole - he was wearing a helmet, as I do, but still this road defect was solely responsible for his death. The state of some of the roads in Grimsby and Cleethorpes is of such a state that I am concerned that others will become a statistic also when out cycling.

The routes I use regularly on my commute from the West Marsh to Cleethorpes include Bargate, Weelsby Road and Clee Road. Weelsby Road has been resurfaced near to the entrance to Weelsby Woods, and the cycle lane there has also been recently replaced - this is a pleasure to ride on - but the rest of the road is in what I would refer to as below-average state.

Clee Road, however, is very poor, in particular the cycle lane on the left hand side of the road as heading into Cleethorpes, opposite the old Lindsey School. It is crumbling and almost knocks the rider from their bike, meaning that I more often than not cycle further out into the road - hindering the vehicular traffic and putting myself at risk from cars, such is the state of the road. Not only is riding on the cobble-stone-like cycle path dangerous to my safety but also to the condition of my cycle.
On the way back towards Grimsby along Clee Road, the right hand side of the road is little better. Firstly at the junction with Wollaston Road are some very large potholes which have to be avoided whilst mindful of the traffic behind, then again at the junction with Beacon Hill, the junction with Davenport Drive and then further along near to the old Matthew Humberstone School. The entire right hand carriageway is of such a state that it is dangerous to ride near to the kerb as per the Highway Code and therefore I am putting my safety at risk due to this.

However, other roads are also of poor condition - including Kings Road, Cleethorpes. Considering this is a major route for holiday makers I am surprised that this has been left to get in such a state. The potholes and road surface near to the Boating Lake Paddock area is terrible and dangerous - again, forcing cyclists further into the path of vehicular traffic.
Another is Great Coates Road, Grimsby. I am not convinced that this road, though having the appearance of asphalt, is not cobbled - it is of a rippled effect and is highly dangerous to persons on cycles.

But by far the most dangerous is Bargate Grimsby. As a cyclist, I am constantly amazed how there has not been a fatality at this part of the road network already. There are large potholes at the junction with College Street and near to the pedestrain crossing when riding towards Freshney Place, deep enough to get you front wheel caught or damaged in and cause a spill. In the opposite direction, the road surface is broken up that much that I find myself having to try and ride on the last remaining portions of yellow lines that are remaining, to avoid the broken road surface. Obviously this is a very busy road, and the method of pulling further into the carriageway puts cyclists further at risk but I believe this method is better than riding headlong into the hazards that I know are present. And there is the other issue. This area, where I have knowledge of the road conditions and potholes apparent, is particularly treacherous due to lighting issues - on dark evenings there is little light from street lighting. However, on sunny days the danger is increased ten fold in my opinion - as a road user approaches the majority of the hazards that proper repair to the carriageway would eliminate, the lighting conditions change due to the shade of the trees, and the sudden change from light to shade causes the road user to momentarily lose their best vision. This is at the point when their vision is needed the most due to the potholes and hazards, and this is why this needs repairing with haste - it is a fatality waiting to happen.

I would be more than happy for you to contact me directly about this issue and also arrange a meeting to discuss the matter further. Please do not ignore this contact with yourself - I sent a similar e-mail using the NE Lincs Council website approximately 1 month ago and have heard nothing/seen no improvements.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Jason Nutting

PPD - FOI, North East Lincolnshire Council

Dear Mr Nutting


Thank you for your e-mail, unfortunately this issue does not fall within
the Freedom of Information Act as you are raising concerns regarding


However should you wish to raise this as a formal complaint please
complete the complaints form using the link below:


Alternatively if you confirm via e-mail that you wish to raise this issue
as a formal complaint I will make the necessary arrangements for your
concerns to be passed to the appropriate service. 


I understand that you have previously submitted an e-mail via the North
East Lincolnshire Council’s website, I have carried out investigations
with the service to locate your original e-mail, however, we could find no
record of this.  Please accept our sincere apologies.


Yours sincerely on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council



Feedback Officer

Resources Directorate



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Neil Gilliatt (Account suspended) left an annotation ()


If you haven't found out already, I feel it's my duty (having been on the end of lies myself), that it is second nature for North East Lincolnshire council to lie.

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