Postcodes within constituency boundaries

Terence Eden made this Freedom of Information request to Electoral Commission

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was successful.

Dear Iredia Oboh,

Many thanks for your reply on 1 July 2009.

As you are aware, there are boundary changes for the next general election. I am seeking information about the areas covered by both the new and unchanged boundaries.

Please can you provide me with a list of all constituencies and their associated postcodes (or postcodes and the constituencies in which they reside).

Please can you also provide the electoral ward for each postcode (if you have such information).

Please can you also tell me the name and phone number for the authority running the election (again, if held).

For example
Postcode : RG14 2BL
Constituency: Newbury
Ward: Riverbank
Electoral Office: West Berkshire Council
Phone Number: 01635....

If the information could be provided in a structured format (.csv, .xls etc.) or a database extract, that would be preferred but not essential.

Further information.

Inspired by your excellent Democracy Cookbook (, I am creating a service which I believe will help people register to vote, find out about the available candidates and, finally, help people find their polling station.

This information is not currently held in one place which leaves voters jumping from site to site trying to find the information they need to help them vote.
The site I am creating is specifically aimed at people with Internet capable mobile phones.

The site will not seek to influence voters towards any particular party or position.

The site will not charge for access, nor will it carry advertising.

The site will explicitly warn people that they can only vote at the polling station indicated on their polling card.

The site will advise people to refer to their local election office if they have any doubts about the information provided or any further questions.

You can try the Alpha (test) version of the site at
The site is designed to work with any Internet capable phone - use on a desktop browser is possible but not recommended.

Many thanks for your help,

Yours sincerely,

Terence Eden

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I've called the Electoral Commission - they are currently investigating this matter and will call me back today.

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I received this reply
Dear Mr. Eden,

As previously discussed, the Electoral Commission is not responsible for looking at parliamentary constituency boundaries and as a result, we would not be the relevant body to contact for a list of all parliamentary constituencies. The Boundary Commission for England is the public body responsible for keeping parliamentary boundaries under review.

We are however able to provide you with a list of UK postcodes and the relevant Electoral Registration Offices. I have attached a number of files in this email which should be useful for you in matching UK postcodes with their relevant Electoral Registration Offices. We are however unable to provide details of the electoral ward for each postcode.

I hope you find the information useful in setting up your website.

Kind Regards

Iredia Oboh

I'll try to link to the files on my blog (or here if I can work out how!)

Terry Eden,

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Here is the reply and files.

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