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Peter Martin made this Freedom of Information request to Department for Work and Pensions

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
I need to report that my occupational pension has just risen by a small amount.
I can find only one way to do that, a 0345 telephone number.
I have made many calls to this number but never managed to leave a message or speak to a member of staff. Instead I wait about 3 minutes on each occasion to weave through options only to be placed in a queue. I am never advised how many callers are ahead of me in the queue or how long i will need to wait. I suspect the purpose is to generate income for the DWP from the call costs i am incurring. After many minutes i grow angry and frustrated at the time and money i am being charged for listening to horrible music and repeated messages.
This seems an inefficient and unfair system penalising honest citizens trying to report a change but being charged heavily for trying to do so.

Surely a better and fairer system should exist.
Is there an alternate means of reporting a change?
The only thought i have had is to write to my M.P. advising of this awful system and ask them to champion a new and fairer system and forward details of the change in my circumstance.
Are you able to offer a quicker, cheaper and better means of reporting the change in my circumstances.
I understand it is not possible to contact any office of the DWP or Job Centre Plus by either telephone or mail.
The 0345 number must cause enormous frustration to callers but raise large amounts of income from the lengthy calls to it.


Peter Martin

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Dear Mr Martin
Please find attached our response to your recent Freedom of Information
Yours sincerely
DWP Central Freedom of Information Team

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