Poplar Harca Ltd and Balfron Tower Developments LLP

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Sir John Bradshaw

Dear Homes England,

The 147 flats in Balfron Tower, built by the GLC for social tenants in 1967 is in the
London Standard newspaper, are up for sale.

Our social housing will be lost for ever? Why?

Who agreed to this I'm your department?

Why have you given approval for a loan of £350,000,000 with a £10,000,000 annual interest to come out of the tenants rents for the foreseeable future, stealing their future rents?

Please give me an accounting of this mortgaging of the 9,000 tenants for the rest of their lives, £40,000 pet flat.

What was the money needed for? Please list who received it?

The reason for voting for the Poplar Harca Ltd was they could afford to pay for the maintenance of our flats.

Who in your department approved of this theft from the recently transferred stock from the three East India estates in 2008?

Please send me a copy of the letters written by the three steering groups of each estate to their occupants that they agreed to put the Harca, not the other competing social housing company, to the vote for the transfer. What were their names?

The secretary of state must see this approval by the tenants steering groups, before he can finalize the stock transfer.

Please confirm he has the three letters on file. Send me copies. And list the chairman and members of the three East India estates steering committees for me please and the name of the three competing with the Poplar Harca social housing companies, as we have to have a choice to choose from before deciding whether to put it to the vote. I never received this letter. Or rescind the stock transfer please.

Please confirm that the stock transfer legislation gave freeholders,who couldn't vote, the entitlement to sell their flats back to the new social housing company.

I know most leaseholders were ignored as presumably the Polar Harca was insolvent. They agreed to buy Mr Thompson lease for £155,000 but didn't finish the conveyancing they started. He requires damages for breaching the sale of his flat in 2009.

Pease help the 6 remaining leaseholders to have their flats bought back now, the building is being sold off, as we don't want neighbors who are tenants of the communist Chinese Government billionaires ripping off the population by making billions, by taking out organs for transplantation while alive, before they are executed.

Will it be treason if overseas enemies of the crown, buy our social housing. As criminal offences occurred in taking vacant possession, by selling them, the officer's committed, making money through the proceeds of crime.

This is a crime site. Sue Williams is being kept involved, head of the Met East London. Please inform her of any alleged criminal offences you are not sure of to check up, or the Minister could be charged for assisting the offender's and concealing their offences.

The stock transfer was held up for most of 2008 waiting for the director of the Poplar Harca Ltd Steve Stride to sign an affidavit not to decant Balfron Tower for gaining vacant possession of the flats so he could sell them for his private profit. Please send me a copy. Ruth Dowden of TH information officer has the minute of the steering committee, writing each month that the injunction has not been signed. Please check it was and explain why in three years you ignored it encouraging the Poplar Harca Ltd to sell our flats.

It's unlawful eviction to threaten to do major works to force tenants and leaseholders to move out permanently.

Please investigate this theft of our property, under our Human Right to Property.

We have learnt in the add in the Standard newspaper that out of 20 leaseholders, 14 sold up.

Please send me their names and addresses and how much they were paid. Were they blackmailed with the unwarranted demand to sell up or face a recharge of £300,000 for their share of the £40,000,000 renewal works. Renewals can't be recharged to leaseholders. We're they told if they were right to buy leaseholders, the amount is capped at £15,000?

Please give me the names and forwarding address of the six leaseholders who kept their leases and how they are no longer residing in the building. What arrangements were made and how.

If mediation was superceded by an injunction, then black mail has been committed, as the freeholders legal costs are charged to the leaseholders service charge account, bankcrupting them if they defend themselves. The freeholder has a feducery duty not to harm us financially. You must close down the Poplar Harca Ltd for breaching this requirement over hundreds of tenants.

Which tenants and leaseholders were summons?

This summons was received by Hugh Thompson of 128 Balfron Tower, to either sell up at £200,000 less than the market price, or give vacant possession for two years.

The TH lease does not permit this.

Please investigate this abuse of position.

Please show me which clause in the lease that gives the freeholder vacant possession of the leaseholders flats without paying the asking price?

The work was not needed repairs but renewals, to increase the life of the building from 30 years to 999 to sell the flats on long leases.

The Harca Ltd claimed that works were required in the risers. What was needed repairs in the risers? Under Health and Safety Executive, workers cannot be put at risk. At the meeting in the town hall in 2016 to apply for planning permission, a Harca office claimed that the workers in the risers would be creating fires that they could not
be put out as they can't close the fire doors, and the fire will escape along the corridor burning into our flats, killing us alive with flames, as they deliberately connived to kill 72 tenants in Glenfell tower.

This extortion was to overcome the promise not to decant us from the building so they got vacant possession of our property, so they could do them up for sale.

This extortion or black mail was not questioned by Mayor John Biggs, any of the committee, nor his officials involved, nor your supervising officers. They are guilty of assisting the offender's and concealing their offences.

We need their names and home address and phone number so they can face prison for fraud by abuse of position, extortion, black mail and by not disclosing the injunction signed by Steve Stride, to stop the decanting, agreeing never to decant Balfron Tower for private gain, now face Fraud by Withholding Information. We need the details of your scurrilous officers who gave approval to sell off our flats instead of hundreds of new build freehold flats they have built, so no social tenants would face unlawful eviction.

Please get legal opinion to the unlawful eviction of 130 tenants and 14 leaseholders.

Please look at Mr Thompson who three years later is dying still homeless, living in cheap hotels unable to pay for cooked food or cook healthy food, so has put on weight , contacted diabetes and now his kidneys have failed, all due to having his flat stolen with an abuse of process summons, as the freeholder has no claim on the leaseholders property, unless he pays the seller's price, committing theft of his £600,000 property, by not offering to pay the asking price, when applying to the London County Court for vacant possession.

Mr Thompson was represented by a barrister James Homes Milner who knew he couldn't defend him in court, the criminalized solicitors Towers and Hamlin's, would appeal and even if he won again, would face Mr Thompson with a service charge bill of the freeholders legal costs of £300,000 bankcrupting Mr Thompson, so he would loose everything.

Has the freeholder by taking possession of the flat for two years, and by not returning it as agreed in the injunction, has bought it as he failed to go back to court to extend the injunction for another two years, giving inducements.

Please organise the sale of Mr Thompson flat back to the new freeholder Balfron Tower Developments LLP, or yourselves, at his asking price, as when the two years fix term contract or injunction came to an end, the freehold breached the injunction by refusing to return my Thompson's property to him, facing contempt of court and imprisonment.

Please take Mr Steve Stride to court for Fraud by abuse of position and prosecute him, as he has murdered Mr Thompson
by stealing his property and has done nothing to help with a temporary accommodation, and caused misery to thousands of other occupants of Balfron Tower.

Please send me all your documents on these matters.


The rebuilding has been overseen by a private company checking that building regulations Part B F K M have been met.

They refuse home owners copies. The Balfron Tower Developments LLP refuse to reply to information request on the property of the works, committing Fraud by Withholding Information, multiple times.

By making it open plan, the escape route will be blocked by smoke in a fire as the wall between the living room and hall and stairs has be criminally damaged by being removed. Please investigate.

The walls of listed buildings Grade II* can only be repaired. The listing legislation has been breached by criminally damaging the building by removing all walls, as only repairs were needed.

If you have surveyors evidence that the walls were rotten and falling out, please send me a copy.

The walls when rebuilt must look the same or like for like as it's listed walls. 9 windows in the living room, 5 in the bedroom, one in the kitchen.

No windows have been included in the walls breaching Building Regulations K Windows, where it makes any one rebuilding walls, include the same trickle ventilation and same number of windows.

Please have the walls rebuilt to comply with the law, facing those involved, and Egret West with charge's for breaching listing laws, a criminal offence and building regulations which have a 3 months prison penalty.

Please give me all Heritage England documents you have copies not, giving their approval.

A copy of the physical testing results of the walls for fire resistance required and information on the metal frames and glass.

As we can kick the glass walls down to the floor, and the required grill is not in place to stop the glass be shattered, and no safety bars accross the glazing to stop us falling through to our deaths 25 stories below, the removal of the walls, have lead to our endangerment, then everyone involved in the rebuilding is facing life imprisonment for aggrivated Criminal Damage multiple times.

The glass door to the balcony from the living room has no wooden frame, breaching building regulations as if pushed too hard on the glass it can shatter cutting the hand off.

There has to be ventilation in kitchens. We have none. It's a death trap and I need the name of every Officer in your and other government departments to prosecute for promoting the killing of us, as they knew they would do eventually by cladding tower blocks in new double glazing windows, framed in combustible Pvcu.

Please ask our MP Jim Fitzpatrick MP why he covered up the rebuilding of the bedroom walls of Balfron Tower and living room walls of Balfron Tower and Carridale House next door for over 20 years, out of the Pvcu walls, that caught alight by the burning cladding in a minute, gutting the flat and killing the occupants in Glenfell tower. He worked for London Fire Brigade before his negligence over Balfron Tower which if stopping 20 years ago, it would have been removed from Glenfell tower too. Jim Fitzpatrick MP is liable for the deaths in Glenfell tower and three deaths in Brownfield St due to the housing head officer Bill Henderson, rebuilding our safe Crittal steel windows with pvcu double glazing all over Poplar, getting kickbacks from the glazier who got all the glass contracts, the East India Dock Road Glazier long since gone with our rents that paid to encase us in combustible materials, ready to cut our lives short.

Please arrest them for prosecution, for killing at least three of us, willfully knowing pvcu burns.

Yours faithfully,

Lord John Bradshaw

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We’re the government’s housing accelerator. We have the appetite,
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