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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Please can you provide me with the following information under the
Freedom of Information act relating to ATOS Healthcare

1:Please provide me with all training literature, power point
presentations, and guidelines for ATOS staff who undertake ESA and
Work Capability medical assessments

2: Please state the ATOS & DWIP policy on the audio and/or visual
recording of ESA and Work Capability medical assessments

3: Please state the number of claimants who have died following
ATOS/DWIP declared them as "Fit for some kind of work" since ATOS
have been carrying out ESA & Work Capability medical assessments.

4: Have ATOS Healthcare any verbal or written policy concerning such practice,
and if so, where can a web or e-mail record of this policy be

5 What checks are in place to ensure that an assessor is at least
as well qualified as the General Practitioner who deems the sick
person incapable of work?

Also, I am interested in reading the part of the contract with Atos
Healthcare which allows them to undertake "SCRUTINY " assessments
without the claimant having to attend the assessment.
1. Could you please forward a copy of the relevant wording of this
part of the contract.

2. How many Scrutiny assessments can be done before a face to face
assessment is necessary ?

3. How can an Atos HCP make a decision on the function or function
loss of a claimant who has not had a face to face assessment for 2


Jacqueline bleuzen

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Dear Ms Bleuzen

Please find enclosed a response to your request for information
under the Freedom of Information Act by the Health and
Disability Assessments (Operations) Correspondence Team Freedom
of Information Officer.

<<ESA_Filework_Guidelines_V7 Final.pdf>> <<FOI 4199-4756 J
Bleuzen (WDTK) Response Final.pdf>> <<List of Schedule 28

Kind regards

Health & Disability Assessment (Operations) Team, Department
for Work and Pensions, Room 306, Block 3, Norcross, Norcross
Lane, Blackpool, FY5 3TA

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