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Marcus Oxford made this Freedom of Information request to Creative Education Trust

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Dear Creative Education Trust,
I am enquiring about Trust-wide policies, e.g. Health & Safety, Pupil Safety, Staff Conduct and where they can be found to the public. If they are not publicly accessible - they are to be attached in a response email.

Yours faithfully,

Marcus Oxford

HO DPO, Creative Education Trust

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Dear HO DPO,
Could you send over the documents in an unencrypted version as this service (whatdotheyknow.com) allows users to publicly view past FOIs. In conjunction with the past documents requested in an unencrypted form - please send over the following trust-wide policies as well;

a) Disciplinary Policy
b) Child Protection Policy
c) Supporting pupils with medical conditions policy
d) Physical Restraint Policy
e) Equality and Diversity Policy
f) Gifts and Hospitality Policy
g) Smoking and Vaping Policy
h) Health and Safety Policy
i) Whistleblowing Policy
j) E-safety Policy
k) Behaviour for Learning Policy
l) Data Protection Policy
m) Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Policy
n) Personal, Social and Health Education (RSE) Policy
o) Educational Visits Policy

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Oxford