Policing of peaceful protests at Kirbymisperton

Roger Jolly made this Freedom of Information request to North Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel

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Dear North Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel,

In anticipation of the peaceful protests which will take place when Third Energy attempt to begin their fracking operations at Kirbymisperton, what steps will you be taking to ensure the police involved on the day recognise these protests as being legal and peaceful, and treat them as such in their planning?

What steps will you take to ensure the police put the safety of the peaceful protestors as top priority?

Yours faithfully,

Roger Jolly

North Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel

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nypcp, North Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel

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Dear Mr Jolly


Thank you for your email of 10th July 2016 to the North Yorkshire Police
and Crime Panel ("the NYPCP"), seeking information regarding the policing
of protests anticipated to take place at Kirby Misperton.


The NYPCP is responsible for providing a 'check and balance' function
which supports the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire in
her key role of holding the Chief Constable to account.  This function is
therefore one which focusses around providing scrutiny of the
Commissioner's performance and has regard to certain strategic issues such
as ensuring that the Commissioner's plans and priorities reflect the needs
of people living within the North Yorkshire force area.  Further
information about the role of the NYPCP, if helpful, can be found at


To be clear then, the NYPCP does not have any responsibility for or
involvement with operational policing matters such as officer deployment. 
This responsibility lies specifically with North Yorkshire Police.  If you
wish to contact North Yorkshire Police on this matter then please contact:


Civil Disclosure Unit

North Yorkshire Police

Newby Wiske Hall

Newby Wiske




Or email: [2][email address]


Further guidance about submitting a Freedom of Information request to
North Yorkshire Police can be found at


I hope this information is helpful.


Yours sincerely,


Diane Parsons


Diane Parsons

North Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel Secretariat

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North Yorkshire County Council.


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