Policies and controls in handling, inventory, and expenditure related to food and beverages.

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Dear London North Eastern Railway Limited,
As a publicly owned company, LNER ultimately has a responsibility to the relevant stakeholders which the UK taxpayer is one. I would like to understand the principles and controls in place by LNER for the following questions.

Procurement and Vendor Management:

1. What are the defined procurement procedures for selecting vendors and suppliers? Please provide documents.

2. How many of your current vendors and suppliers have met your procurement requirements that supply LNER? Please provide documents.

3. Vendor evaluation criteria based on quality, safety, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with regulations, how many of current suppliers have met and are meeting these criteria? Please provide documents.

4. Of your total current supplier agreements, how many meet the specified product quality, pricing, and delivery terms? Please provide documents.

5. How many of your current vendors or suppliers have breached your food hygiene policies? Please provide documents.

6. In the last two years, how many of your vendors and suppliers have LNER personality audited at source to ensure compliance with quality standards that meet LNER procurement policy and food hygiene policies? Please provide documents.

7. In the last four years, how many LNER vendors and suppliers have been issued with non-conformance compliance documents for not meeting food quality standards in line with your food and hygiene policies? Please provide documents.

Inventory Management:

8. Which management systems are in place to track stock levels, expiration dates, and usage,
FIFO (First-In-First-Out) or FEFO (First-Expired-First-Out) methods to minimise spoilage? Please provide documents.

9. How often are regular stock counts and reconciliations completed to identify discrepancies with food and beverages onboard trains at the start of each train journey, shift change, and termination of train journey? Please provide documents.

Auditing and Accountability:

10. Regular audits of onboard inventory to detect discrepancies, pilferage, or spoilage.
Documentation of audit findings and actions taken to rectify any issues. Please provide documents.

11. Accountability measures that assign responsibility for inventory management to specific individuals or teams on board. Documentation and Record Keeping: Please provide documents.

12. Please provide accurate record-keeping of all food and beverage transactions, including usage logs, and waste records for the last two years. Please provide documents.

13. Documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) for onboard inventory management.
Quality Assurance and Compliance for the last year: Please provide documents.

14. Please provide documents for LNER adherence to food safety standards and regulations, including Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles.

15. Strategies to minimise food waste and reduce environmental impact. Which standards has LNER used to set targets, how are the targets monitored for compliance, results against targets for the last three years? Please provide documents.

16. Periodic reporting on food and beverage expenditure, inventory levels, and any significant discrepancies, Transparency in reporting to demonstrate responsible use of public funds, and ethical Sourcing Compliance: Please provide documents, supporting this question.

17. Adherence to ethical sourcing practices, including fair labour and responsible ingredient sourcing, in relation to child exploitation or child labour exploitation by any vendors or suppliers of LNER. Please provide LNER policies ensuring compliance by vendors and suppliers and proof of compliance.

Yours faithfully,

Alistair Pedlow

FOI, London North Eastern Railway Limited

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your Freedom of Information (FOI)

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, we will respond to your
request within 20 working days.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions
or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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FOI, London North Eastern Railway Limited

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Dear Alistair

Please see attached for my response to your request for information.

Kind Regards

Abigail Coates
Information Transparency and Access Team
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