Police officers with criminal convictions and criminal associations

john mauger made this Freedom of Information request to Police Scotland

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear Police Scotland,

Please can you set out under the FOIA:

1. How many serving police officers in PSOS have criminal convictions and as a result have a criminal record number (CRO). This is for all ranks up to chief constable.
2. For those with convictions please state:
a.how many officers have one conviction
b.how many have two convictions
c.how many have three convictions
d.how many have four convictions
e. how many have five or more convictions.
d.please table this for clarity (requests a through to e in question 2 above) under actual substantive ranks; Constable, Sergeant, Inspector, Chief Inspector, Superintendent, Chief Superintendent, Assistant Chief constable, Deputy chief constable and Chief constable.
3. Please detail under the crimes types the types of convictions officers have;
for example but not limited to violence, dishonesty, unlawful possession of lethal and offensive weapons, this could include offences under section 5(1) of the firearms act.
4. How many police officers in PSOS are:
a. subject to restrictions placed on them as a result of a notifiable association under the force notifiable association procedure (the SOP), where they (the police officer) have notified PSOS of an associate who has criminal convictions.
b.how many officers have had placed on them a restriction not to associate directly of indirectly with an associate who has criminal convictions that was declared by the officer.

Note I do not seek personal data.

Yours faithfully,

john mauger

FOI Glasgow,


Good Afternoon,

Police Scotland received your request for information on 24 December
2014. A response will be provided by 27 January 2014.

Please quote Ref No. IM-FOI-2014-2641 in any future correspondence.


Sergeant Jane McNair
Information Management
Freedom of Information
173 Pitt Street
G2 4JS
0141 435 1215

[email address]

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FOI Glasgow,


Good Afternoon

I write in connection with your request for information dated 24
December 2014, which was received by Police Scotland on that date.

I regret to inform you that Police Scotland has been unable to provide
you with this information within the statutory timescale. I can assure
you that every effort will be made to ensure that an appropriate
response will be made as soon as possible.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to
contact me directly on 0141 435 1262.

Yours sincerely

Lorna Grieve
Freedom of Information

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Dear Mr Mauger

Please find attached the response to your recent request for information.


David Steel
Police Service of Scotland
FOI Central Processing Unit
0141 435 1228



<<2014-2641 - Final Response.pdf>>

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Tracy Wright left an annotation ()

Hope this helps. Doesn't answer all of the questions, but gives a good overview using officially sourced data and a press report. This took me 1-2 hours max - Research, cut & paste. Offer to do this £20 an hour Stephen House for any further FOI's that may come up. Not in excess of £600 as stated here. With your resources, I'd be quicker and give more detail and it would be professionally reported and presented timely. Save time, resources, clears in-trays (meets the 1st Ministers Savings Targets too!) Me? Unemployed. Honest. Laptop. Interest in Public Service. Beat that.

Stats Via Media

From Official Records
January 2014
March 2014
June 2014
Sept 2014
November 2014

November 2013

Adding this in as page 45 shows why some stats for crimes are down with 2000 incidents involving the same person/locus =1 crime.

E Storey left an annotation ()

Interesting that before the creation of Police Scotland, they would not have been able to deny this request on cost grounds as each force would only need to look at the 100 or so criminals they employ.

Perhaps ask about statistics for each region, or, what I think you may be trying to gleen, ask for the same for officers at inspector rank and above?

Gretchen Storme left an annotation ()

Implementation of the conjoined force system was supposed to be cash saving, ebable efficiency and aid transparency. So far, the cost is around 1 billion pounds for the systems alone (and counter still ticking!). The information has all been migrated from the old systems, so, how would scheduling reports cost in excess of £600? The systems set up for use are SCOPE , SCOMIS, C3I, and i6....

Gretchen Storme left an annotation ()

I take it the offer of help was rejected then Stephen House?

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