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Dear National Police Chiefs' Council,
I notice that during the past 5 years police forces have been encoraged to develop police cadet schemes.
FOI Q1.Does the NPCC have a policy regarding the running of Cadet Schemes, if so please disclose it, also disclose any notifications issued to police forces or Home Office in the past 12 months regarding the running of Cadet Schemes.
FOI Q2.Who is the NPCC lead responsible for Cadet Schemes?
FOI Q3.Does the NPCC hold any information about which police forces run these Cadet Schemes and how many cadets are currently taken on and their gender and ethnic distribution, or aware if the information is collated or monitored anywhwhere, and if known please disclose it?
FOI Q4.Apparently, before being accepted,the Cadets are expected to pledge an oath of allegience(OOA)of some form.Is there a standard OOA recommended and, if so, please disclose it and explain how the wording of the oath originated or was sourced, and if there is no standard OOA please advise how forces determine their own wording.
FOI Q5.Are Cadets given a number for identification purposes, as per police officers?

Yours faithfully,
Dennis Fallon (BScHons)

National Police Chiefs' Council

Date Received: 07/10/2019


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Yours sincerely

Sherry Traquair
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National Police Chiefs' Council

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Please find attached NPCC response to your Freedom of Information request.

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Sherry Traquair

NPCC Freedom of Information Officer & Decision Maker


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Dear National Police Chiefs' Council,
Thank you for your exceptionally prompt and helpful response.

I shall mark this request as `closed,all information provided`.

Yours faithfully,

Dennis Fallon(BScHons)