Dear Scottish Police Authority,

I would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions for me please:

1. Since the introduction of The police appeals tribunals (Scotland) rules 2013 on 1st April 2013, how many police officers who have been dismissed/required to resign from the police, have appealed the decision through the above rules?

2. How many police appeals tribunals have been held since 1st April 2013 under the new 2013 rules?

3. Of the number of officers that have appealed through the new 2013 rules, how many were concluded in the 6 month timescale?

4. Of the number of tribunals that have been held since 1st April 2013, how many officers have been reinstated?

5. Under the above rules is there any provisions for a delay in any timescale?

Yours sincerely

Russell Taylor

Dear Scottish Police Authority,

I sent a FOI request a while ago now, but have had no response. Can someone please update me.

Yours faithfully,

Russell Taylor

SPA FOI, Scottish Police Authority

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Good Morning

Please see attached response to your Freedom of Information request

Kind Regards
SOA Information Management

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